In the river Kuban found the bodies of two missing Marines

The bodies of all three missing in the Kuban Marines discovered. According to media reports, the bodies of two soldiers were discovered on the river bottom Saturday morning. Earlier on Friday the body was found first paratrooper.

photo: Oleg fochkin

Search teams found Saturday morning at the bottom of the Kuban river the bodies of two more missing in the Krasnodar region paratroopers. According to Life, the soldiers had discovered hundreds of meters away from the crash site. Their bodies after death took over. We are talking about a 27-year-old Sergeant and member Kostromina K. A. Shamanov. On the Friday before the body was discovered 24-year-old Sergeant Sergei Kurilov.

Law enforcement reported that all the bodies will be taken to conduct the examination which will establish the exact cause of death. According to preliminary reports, the soldiers participated in training jumps with a parachute and landed in the designated area and into the river. Ice water soaked parachutes and ammunition did not allow them to get to shore and Marines drowned. The incident occurred near the village of Varenikovskaya Crimean region.

The head of the Executive Committee of the “Union of paratroopers of Russia”, the guard Colonel Valery Yuriev suggested in an interview with “MK” that the landing десантников108-th airborne assault regiment, Novorossiysk 7th guards air assault division “outside the specified area” could occur either because of inaccuracy of drop aircraft, or because of the emergence of the ascending currents that carried them to the river.

According to him, the landing is extremely dangerous, so the Marines should be life jackets and jump in the Lite version. Well, if you planned to jump on the ground, on the river Kuban was supposed to be on duty rescuers on motor boats.

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