Latvia has made a Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrei Kuraev in the “black list”

Andrei Kuraev: Russia in search of justice

The Protodeacon of the Russian Orthodox Church Andrey Kuraev has banned entry to the territory of Latvia, the website of Delphi.

This became known when Kuraev arrived in Riga to participate in philosophical discussions. At the airport he was stopped by officers of the border. They reported that the priest made in the “black list” at the request of the security Police of the Republic.

This information in his blog in “Live journal” confirmed by the archdeacon. “The guards say that the Latvian security service has long been banned I check the ban has been extended in 2015,” wrote Andrei Kurayev.

Earlier it was reported that in the stop-list of Latvia was made by the Russian singers Joseph Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov and Valeria, actors Ivan Okhlobystin, Mikhail Porechenkov and Dmitry Pevtsov, and political analyst Konstantin Simonov.

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