New year’s tourism. How to spend holidays usefully?

Meets Svetlana Shishkova, neuropsychologist, PhD, head of the Scientific-practical center “the House”:

Even if you are very tired and ready for ten days to sit at home – it is not necessary to consider this holiday as the primary. To restore physical strength the body needs for 3-4 days, after this period, the person starts to think what he would do. As quickly find options of holiday in high season is extremely difficult, those who have not bothered to plan for the holidays in advance, grasping at the first (usually bad) option, or spend the holidays at home. Although 10 days is a sufficient period of time for which you can have time not only to relax but also to gain strength and experience. The main thing – to choose the right destination.

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Scheme excellent holidays:

  • 2 days to sleep, to recover, to finish the case
  • 5 days of active rest without thinking about Affairs
  • 2 days of relaxation, relaxation
  • 1 day setup in a working mood

Families with children 2-10 years

Southeast Asia

In southern China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Bali, the end of December – beginning of January is the most comfortable time of the year. The air temperature +28°C, water +24°C. by the Way, the doctors do not discourage parents with children from a short (7-10 days) trips on the route “winter – summer”. On the contrary, according to the latest data, short-term climate change stimulates the immune system in both adults and children and sunbathing in January survive the winter without colds and depression. The ailing children do not get out of colds, this trip will only benefit.

Nuances: long flight (10-12 hours, depending on direction), price (from 150 thousand rubles. for three), spicy Asian cuisine that not many children will like.

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Families with children 11-18 years

Holidays in Europe

Although the New year is celebrated not on the same scale as in Russia, from the European winter voyage is not returned disappointed no one. The ancient city during the new year holidays similar to illustrations of favorite fairy tales, and walk through the narrow streets decorated with colorful lights, the atmosphere of joy and magic.

For teenagers vacation in Europe is a unique opportunity to see the famous monuments and museums, which they read in books and textbooks. For parents and grandparents – a chance to update your wardrobe in the sales, which take place in European stores.

Details: cool and unpredictable weather, high prices for accommodation, meals, excursions.

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Not loving travel and change of climate

Pensions and rest homes outside the city

A leisurely holiday with long walks (Hiking and skiing), ice skating, swimming in the pool, visiting the baths allows you to relax, escape and improve your health and so is popular with people of 40-70 years. For people with chronic diseases that require constant medical supervision, such a vacation is the best holiday because it gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with your doctor and within reach in case of aggravation of the disease.

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Details: prices even at the modest boarding houses during the new year holidays is comparable to the price abroad.

Office workers and adventurers

Ski resorts

Picturesque sights, clean mountain air, plenty of sun, thrills on the slopes. What is necessary for the people who daily spend 10-12 hours in a stuffy office behind a computer? Besides holidays in the mountains is an opportunity not only to join the healthy way of life and finally doing sports, but also to expand the circle of acquaintances. Thrill-seekers will be able to “take heart”; his favorite thing in the morning until the night (often equipped with lighting and night-time).

Details: downhill skiing is one of the most traumapony sports. Minor injuries (bruises, dislocations, sprains), both for novice and experienced skiers is almost inevitable.

New year holidays – high season both on the foreign and on the domestic slopes. You will certainly faced with the downloaded tracks queues at the lifts, sky-high prices in hotels and restaurants.

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