Originally from the nineteenth century. What is the secret of longevity of the veteran from Dagestan?

Hussein Shakhmedovich Shikhakhmedov 120 years. A veteran in the Great Patriotic war lost a leg, the oldest scholar of the Qur’an in the world, lives in Dagestan, in the village of Mamedkala. And he was born already in the nineteenth century, in 1896, the same year the coronation of Nicholas II

At the age of 12 his parents sent Hussein to study in rural madrasas. “Without false modesty I can say that I made progress. Arab know better than a native, Dargin,” the Russian says survivor. In 1936 the family was dispossessed and exiled to Kyrgyzstan. From there in 1941 Hussein and his elder brother went to the front. Both came back. And without both legs.

Photo: Delia Arifova / AiF

In Mamedkala Shikhakhmedov moved in the late 50’s and began to teach the Koran to everyone, “was for the Imam. The mosque, however, the village was not. But in 1994 we did. Three times the people the money was collected.”

The survivor of 6 children and 46 great-grandchildren. Them, and not a proper diet, he believes the secret of his health: “Children and grandchildren is my escape and support. To list them all, half an hour gone. Don’t know how I lived without children. The main fact that the man was near.” Read more >>

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