“Russian figure skater Pogorelaya won the Grand Prix in Sapporo

In the final of Grand Prix in figure skating were four representatives of Russia in women’s figure skating

Skater Anna Bogollagama: epa/vostock-photo

Russian figure skater Anna Pogorelaya won the competition odinochnits on the stage of the Grand Prix series, in Sapporo Japanese. Her final result – 139,30 points.

The second was the Japanese Satoko Miyahara, which 133,80 points.

Third place was taken by another representative of Russia – Maria Sotskova, which was the result 125,92 score.

Thanks to these results at the sixth stage of the Grand Prix series and Sotskova Previously reached the final of the Grand Prix, which will take place in Marseille (8 – 11 Dec).

Previously the final qualifying with the two other Russians: Evgeny Medvedev and Elena Radionova.

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