The media learned about the proposal to make aviakerosene travel abroad

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In Russia there are rules of conduct for passengers on Board the aircraft. Aviakerosin proposed ban to leave the country, they may also be required to compensate for moral damages for their actions

The Federal air transport Agency on Friday, November 25, was held a round table on the problems of “unruly passengers”. The meeting participants proposed to introduce a number of measures against aviakerosene. About it reports “Kommersant”, citing a draft resolution of the round table.

The document proposes to establish administrative responsibility for violation of Board of public order. Gross violations during flight suggested amount to disorderly conduct. Of Avialeasing can also be obliged to compensate the moral damage to all the passengers the cost of the tickets and to prevent the departure from Russia.

In the round table, according to the newspaper, took part the head of Federal air transport Agency Alexander Neradko, as well as representatives of airlines and lawyers. According to participants of aviation industry, private punishment should be provided for members and officials whose misconduct on Board the aircraft, shall be grounds for the termination of their service activities.

In addition, the Air code can be common rules of behavior of passengers. Industry participants expressed the view that the commander of the ship should have rights. In addition, it is proposed at the legislative level to allow airlines to manage black lists of passengers and to refuse to transport those who incorrectly behaved during the flight. Among other measures, to charge such people a higher fee for the tickets. “Kommersant” writes that to monitor the situation on Board prompted to enter the security staff (“air marshals”), but their powers should be developed.

The publication, citing data from the Ministry of internal Affairs reports that the administrative responsibility for the 9 months of 2016, drew 1164 people for offences on Board aircraft. Criminal proceedings were brought 116 people. A member of the National Association of air law Anastasia Konyukhova said that, according to the survey, 34 Russian airlines, Charter flights to resort areas are “at risk” because they are illegal actions committed by passengers who are in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

Konyukhov said that now the rules of conduct of passengers on Board is an internal document of the airline, and for its violation, the law envisages no liability. “Airlines have few ways of influencing the offender, even lifting it off the flight in some cases may not correspond to the Air code”, — writes the edition.

Now carriers can’t expect aviakerosene heavy fines and deny them further in the purchase of tickets. Konyukhov added that airlines have the right to make the offending claims for damages, however, it must be proved.

In Russia, widespread cases when because of incorrect behavior of the passenger, the aircraft commander is forced to make an emergency landing at the airport of arrival. For example, in November 2014, the commander of the ship, EN route from Moscow to Milan, decided forced to land at the airport of Minsk is due to the behavior of the passenger. A resident of Nizhny Novgorod Evgeny Suharev, being able alcoholic intoxication, “swearing, arguing and showed aggression in relation to cabin crew”. In July, the carrier sought to Suhareva more than 212 thousand.

25 day of November the Airbus A330-243 airline “Aeroflot” was forced to land in the airport of the canadian town of Ikulwe due to aggressive behaviour.

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