An Imperial physician. Peter I was treated not just his subjects, but himself

“Funny” appendage

The young Prince was most attracted to “fun military.” Textbook episode — here gun charge finely chopped steamed turnip, that’s the lad Petrushka holds the fuse… BAM! And the charge is flying to some nobleman in the belly. Foreigners from the environment of the Royal artillery approvingly Yuk. Among them is a guy named “Peter pil, preparing and weighed the gun potion for the Tsar’s fun”.

From Zelenkov to alchimista. As in Russia there were pharmacies

This Peter peel was the main alchemist in the pharmacy of boyar Artamon Matveev — educator mother of Peter, Natalia Naryshkina. In 1682, Matveev was killed by archers during the riot and the Kremlin’s pharmacy burned. Peter pil barely escaped death, and together with the remnants of pharmacy inventory was transferred to the village of Transfiguration — the residence of the young Peter. A constant presence at the pharmacy could not fail to affect the interests of the young Prince. We can assume that passion for medicine went to Peter casually, as if in addition to military fun.

For 18 years, Peter has mastered the basic techniques of physicians of that time. The surgeon Ivan Termont he runs a short course otvorenie blood, hirudotherapy, and Peter peel and the beginning of pharmacology. So by the time of the first visit to Europe, Peter had a fair amount of Luggage of medical knowledge. Moreover, because of their knowledge and skills of the Russian Tsar, as they say, gets into a trend and becomes the most fashionable and advanced monarch of Europe.

Barbershop goldsmiths. Like Peter I the subjects teeth treated

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The anatomy lesson

On the top of the educational fashion then was anatomy. The collection skillfully dissected corpses were collected with the same zeal, and works of art. Sometimes it happily married. One can think of the canvas of Rembrandt van Rijn “the anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp”. With a student the Nicholas Tulp, Frederick Ruishen, and meets Peter.

A military hospital was set up. How did the first medical institution of Russia

Collection of ruusa were considered eligible and desirable acquisition. The right to have it challenged each other in a few European rulers. However, Ruis ranged — worthy candidates among monarchs he had not seen. Exception — Russian king, who is not just interested in the gimmick, but he knows how much. In General, the fate of the collection had been solved, and it became the nucleus of the famous St. Petersburg Kunstkamera.

If we add to the “graduate school” Dr. ruixa a course of lectures on medicine at Leiden University, about the medical expertise of Peter has not come out to speak sarcastically. Yes, the percentage of successful operations in Regal surgeon was by today’s standards average. A remarkable entry in the diary of holstine Friedrich Bergholta November 1724: “the Duchess of Mecklenburg is in great fear that the Emperor will soon be accepted for her injured leg — it is known that he considers himself a great surgeon and he willingly does all kinds of surgery on patients. So, last year he single handedly and quite successfully made a large operation in the groin, and the patient was in mortal fear because this transaction represented him very dangerous. However, in may 1723, after a long illness died the merchant’s wife Borstenthat Peter a few days before did the operation, wanting to cure her from the water disease.” But in those times it was related to any doctor.

Royal revenge. In Europe remember the Great Embassy of Peter I

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The fruits of self-treatment

Peter reached the level of completely hardened doctor the average European level, for the monarch is a remarkable achievement. The evidence is that those most torn by the Emperor’s teeth. All of them are 64. Most of them refer to the molars, i.e. to the group of stubborn. Roots is strongly curved, however, none broken off — an unconditional proof of highly qualified doctors. 54 teeth are signs of messages of carious cavity with the cavity of the tooth is either pulpitis or periodontitis. So the diagnosis from the Russian Tsar were all right.

On reception at the doctor. Would modern doctors to save Peter and Darwin?

Deserves special attention albeit sad, but a very striking episode. Still debate how the disease brought Peter to the grave. However, the symptoms were clear and then — difficult urination, and at times complete inability to empty the bladder. So, I kept the silver catheters, which Peter himself spent probing the urethra. That is, the expanded canal. The operation is painful, however, the king did it repeatedly. And she helped him with the disease he has spent the last 10 years of my life away during acute attacks with tools in your office.

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