Assistant trump said of his regular consultations with Obama

The US President-elect Donald trump and President Barack Obama

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

Donald trump regularly asks for advice to Barack Obama. They hold a long conversation, discussing a wide range of issues, said the assistant of the elected President. Obama consulted for trump after the death of Fidel Castro, she said

President-elect Donald trump after winning the elections, regularly consults with President Barack Obama, a long time discussing with him various issues, told CNN assistant trump Kelleen Conway.

According to her, trump and Obama communicate constantly, in particular, the President-elect consulted with Obama after the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro. For example, on Saturday, November 26, their conversation lasted for 45 minutes, however, she refused to tell me what other topics were discussed Obama and trump.

Conway noted that elected and incumbent presidents do not always coincide in their assessments.

“I can tell from the outside elected President of the trump that he liked to be spoken with President Obama to discuss the serious issues facing our country and the world,” she said. “They get along well although we do not agree on many issues. This will not change,” said Conway.

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