“French athletes have won SUPERMIX in the first stage of the world Cup

– Biathletes of France, Marie Dorin habert and Martin Fourcade became the winners of the single mixed relay (2×6 + 2×7,5 km) that passed within the first world Cup in Ostersund, Sweden. Allowing four inaccurate shots, they covered the distance in 35 minutes 43.5 seconds.

Second place went to the representatives of Austria (6 misses) with a delay of 16 seconds, the third – Germany (5 misses), behind at 25.2 seconds.

The team of Russia, which was represented by Svetlana Sleptsova and Anton Babikov, became the eighth. On account of its 9 penalties + 1 penalty and 1 minute 59,8 seconds behind winners/

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