In Brest of public transport will remove the ribbons

Belarusian officials have recommended to be removed from the public transport of the city of Brest the ribbons, reports RIA Novosti.

As you can’t use a ribbon?

It is reported that a local resident had noticed in the bus a ribbon and addressed their applications to the transport and city authorities. In response she was told that would be recommended to accommodate public transport “any trappings of political and religious content.”

Reporters in the Executive Committee of Brest explained that was not forbidden to use a ribbon, and recommended to replace it with another, symbolizing and may 1945. This ribbon of red and green, it depicts the flower of the Apple tree.

“Not Dad, and Stepfather.” As Ukraine assessed a St. George ribbon on the Pope

The Pontiff threatened ban on entry to Ukraine and I doubt his mental health. Read more.

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