In facts and figures: the sons of

  • 25% more likely to die from male babies than girl babies.
  • 3 times more left-handers among boys than among girls.
  • 3-4 times more likely in boys to the diagnoses of “autism” or “dysgraphia” than girls.
  • On 11 grounds, according to psychologists, the different characters of boys and girls at the time of admission to school. Boys are more risk averse, prefer to search work, and not the precise execution of the task is already known, they claim the role of leader, they are less dependent on other people’s opinions.
  • The average weight of boys at birth (3200-3500 g) a little more weight girls (3000-3250 g).

    In Moscow the most popular names were John, Alexander, Sophia, and Daria

  • 3-4 times more often in boys observed aggressive behavior than girls.
  • 2 times more often in boys observed enuresis than girls.
  • 3000 calories per day needs to get from food teenage boys. And those who are involved in sports, — 3500, one and a half times more than the Pope.
  • Every 2nd a teenage boy tries Smoking among teenage girls — only every 4th.
  • Only half of the boys are ready to learn when entering school, girls two-thirds done.
  • Half of unmarried men live with their parents until 27 years old.
  • More than 50% of boys get married before 25-30 years, although most planned to do that later.
  • 94% of all people killed in the workplace are men.
  • From the sons you can get more grandchildren than daughters. 94 children from the children’s father in the world of Zion Khan.

In numbers and facts: 30% of children in Russia are born to single mothers

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