La Stampa published an article on Putin’s c call to trust Russia

The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The Italian newspaper La Stampa published an article under the signature of Vladimir Putin under the headline “It’s time to trust Russia, a common front against terror.” It States that the burden of mutual distrust prevents find effective responses to the threat

In an article published in La Stampa, said that created during the cold war NATO has not been adapted to the new conditions, despite all the statements.

The current system of international relations is constantly reeling, but some partners of Russia does not seek to solve global problems, noted in the article, signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

“We all see what is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and many other countries. I wonder: where the results of the fight against terrorism and extremism? Overall, if we look at the world, at the regional level, in some areas, we have achieved certain results but the struggle against terrorism overall was not successful, and the threat continues to grow,” — says the article.


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