Out access. Features of rendering of medical aid in Russia

His study of access to medical and pharmaceutical care was held by the League of defenders of patients. In the last days of October the second phase of the study devoted exclusively to medication.

Never in my life for the treatment not pay the 5.2% of patients. The availability of medical care over the past five years has fallen – so considered, almost two-thirds of respondents.

“It is necessary to expand staff of experts and pediatricians in proportion to the population. And equip hospitals air cleaners and air conditioners,” explained one of the participants of the study.

Plus to life and knowledge. What are the results of reforms in health care?

The time to reach out

Less doctors at the reception – more patients waiting in the corridor.

The most dangerous thing in a long queue in the clinic that a person, for example, asthma, stuffy room simply will not stand. Where many people and not enough air, the rapidly spread of infection.

The paradox: the more “streamline” the work of medical institutions, the stronger and posilnee burden on physicians. 61.9% of patients feel that over the past five years active in health care reform fell not only the availability of treatment, but also its quality.

Some more numbers

A few days wait of a therapist for almost 30% of our fellow citizens. Although written to the district easier than the experts: this is, at least, can be done directly in the registry.

Instead of clinics, is Skype. Patients will be treated only at a distance?

To get to the doctor, specialty, time and patience need more (don’t forget that the patient a few days waiting for the advice of a therapist). Almost one in four (24.4 per cent) are awaiting admission to the specialist far more than a week. To live up to the ultrasound, CT or MRI, and sometimes up to the tests is also not an easy task. 26.9% of respondents expect the survey weeks.

Between life and health

For 78.8% of participants in the study the price of medicines – the same barrier that will prevent you to purchase the drug. Nearly four-fifths of our compatriots consider medicines unaffordable. And if the situation does not seem critical, are willing to tolerate.

In the questionnaire about the availability of medicines two questions seems incorrect. Initially the patient is asked at what price he will not buy the drug, which depends on his health. And then offer to answer, what amount would be too high for medication that will save his life.

For means “for health” the Russians are willing to give no more than 3 thousand rubles. For the medicine life-saving, our man is ready to bring to the pharmacy no more than half a million. However, a second popular location response “of 30 thousand rubles”. Now note that this amount patient estimated life, and their loved ones. He accepted the fact that for reformers is more important than today’s economy.

We travel to you! As Russia is moving “medical check-up on wheels”

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To invest in the health

How is the boundary between “be healthier” and “to survive” – the question is very interesting. The quest for the answer would be a continuation of the study.

Patients themselves often make mistakes, but not when filling in the questionnaires and in real life. The most dangerous disease meningitis too easy to take for a cold. And send with this “cold” in school, to not have to take sick leave.

“We need to treat healthcare as an investment area, because health is the center of economy”, – stressed Alexander Saversky, the President of the League of defenders of patients. To regard health care as a profitable sphere for state budget offers and Larisa Popovich, Director, Institute of health Economics HSE. The expert cites: each ruble invested in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, gives the macroeconomics of the country 7 rubles of additional income.

Sergey Boytsov, Director of the State research center for preventive medicine, says that one ruble invested in the examination of the cardiovascular system, gives even 7, and 10 rubles in savings. Saving on medical research, health care reformers are deprived of the opportunity to save money.

Grace means not available

The Russian pharmaceutical market is falling for the sixth consecutive year. These are the data of DSM Group. Use of pharmaceutical drugs returned to the indicators of 2006-2007.

According to RNC Pharma, last year many of our fellow citizens have replaced drugs for dietary Supplements. A crucial role was played by price. “2016 is one of the most difficult years for the pharmaceutical market. For the first six months, the dynamics was negative. Growth for the first nine months amounted to only 1 percent,” explains Julia Nechaeva, the Director of the Department of strategic studies, DSM Group. To go from a big minus into a small plus helped only seasonal flare-UPS. The market grew in the early autumn.

More serious (and thus safe for the patient) the growth factor would be the preferential recipes. Because of preferential medicines are easily get only 4.6% of those who are supposed to have (the figure is close to the percentage of patients who never paid for the reception or the medical examination).

“Savings” and life

“We are in these lists, but we these medications do not get. Pharmacoeconomics on the scales compared with the life of patients and their health!” – pain says Irina Borovkova, Chairman of the Association of cancer patients “Hello!”.

Irina recently beat cancer of the breast. But even more of a miracle than a victory over a terrible diagnosis, it was the victory of the patient in the fight for a cure. Life-saving Herceptin refused to give. Request women on the drug, without which it could not survive, heard only at the “round table” in State Duma.

The cure for the economy. What are the outcomes of drug reimbursement in the regions

A dream to create a society that will protect patients with a terrible diagnosis, came to Irina it was in the days of walking around the bodies, organizations and institutions. The mother of seven children, defeated a terrible disease, are fighting for the lives of other women: contemporary female patient with breast cancer often 26-35 years. The refusal of medication turns out to be a metastasis. And payments among patients for their own treatment today, there are even charges for chemotherapy.

Less shocking, but only at first glance, example. The grandmother complains of the district physician on the pain that plagued her. The doctor operating on two and even two and a half shifts, shrugs wearily: “What do you want – age!” An elderly woman goes to the pharmacy, buys a cheap pain meds. Without eliminating the cause of the pain, the drugs lead to intoxication. Due to the forced excessive consumption of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs the patient will suffer from dialysis.

Cheap painkillers today, millions of rubles in saving lives tomorrow. As noted by Advisor to the Chairman of the party “Fair Russia” Natalia Malysheva: “People lose their health, and the budget loses more than it saves”. And the economy is losing workers. And the account goes already on millions.

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