“Rosberg from Mercedes became the world champion in “Formula-1”

The German driver won the title for the first time in his career

Nico Robertto: epa/vostock-photo

– The driver of the team Mercedes GP AMG Nico Rosberg for the first time in his career won the title of world champion racing in the class “Formula-1”.

The German finished second in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, however, scored the most points in the championship, consisting of 21 stages.

Partner new world champion Lewis Hamilton until the last race claimed victory, but the margin of points earned by Rosberg at the beginning of autumn, and technical problems, periodically chasing the British, helped the German win the title, not allowing Hamilton to become a four-time world champion.

Previously, the Mercedes team won for the third year in a row the team title, taking the Cup of designers.

Daniil Kvyat not finished the last race of the season due to a technical fault, get off at the 16th round of 55. To the boxes team the Russian got on the bike, borrowed from some of the staff the track.

The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi became the last in career of the racer of “Formula-1” Felipe Massa, speaking for Williams.

Most likely, no longer be in the Royal races and the 2009 world champion Jenson button. The Briton has a two-year contract with McLaren as third driver in 2017, with the option to return to racing in 2018, however the driver before the last race of the season, said that while he sees no reasons why he could return in “the Formula-1”. He also failed to complete the stage because of the broken suspension.

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