Russia will deploy in several regions of new complexes of space monitoring

Russia in the coming years will launch on the Altai, the far East, Buryatia and the Crimea, the new complexes of the system control space (SCCP), reports TASS.

Air and space forces of the Russian Federation. Infographics

As explained by the Deputy commander of the space forces Russian space forces test Colonel Andrey Ivashin, it will be a network of specialized systems, electronic control and optical-electronic complexes of new generation.

According to him, the main advantages of these systems is that they are constructed on new element base, which gave the opportunity to greatly increase their opportunities, compared with the complexes of the previous generations.

With the introduction of the complexes into operation videoconferencing will be able to continuously monitor near-earth space for all the inclinations and maximum range of altitudes, said Ivashina.

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