Smart attack: why would the husband of a fellow member of the Bulk was injected with an unknown substance

On Friday the lawyer of the Fund of struggle against corruption Love Sable reported the attack on her husband. Sergey Mokhov — anthropologist, he works in the Higher school of Economics, and deals in particular with the study of the market of funeral services. The couple rule out domestic conflict and assume that the incident may be connected with the activities of Sobol or with the activities of mochov.

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According to the declaring, a few days watched it on the “Prior”. Near the entrance stood, as expressed by Mokhov, “the young man with the beard under ISIS (banned terrorist organization)”, covering the face with a bouquet of flowers. He attacked the anthropologist, when he began to open the door to the staircase.

“Colourful youth” injected man in the leg some substance. Said, “Nothing personal” and ran away. From Mokhov began to buckle his legs, he fell and began to lose consciousness. He was taken to the toxicology Department, scientific research Institute of Sklifosovsky. According to Mokhov, the doctors said that, judging by the action, it was a rare and strong anti-psychotics. However, the exact drug is not identified: due to a rapid period of decay was not visible in urine sample.

Attack with the syringe — not the most common method. So, in 2005, the Yekaterinburg center for the prevention and control of AIDS were asked by the residents, which was pricked with a syringe on the street in 2014, such attacks were recorded in Voronezh. Two years ago the injection was the cause of death of older Muscovite.

Immediately after the attack Sobol wrote that the incident might be related to the activities of Sergei — he has recently given several interviews where she spoke in particular about corruption in the field of funeral services. “It’s too complicated for them scheme to track down, know my schedule, chop some drug — said “MK” Sergei Mokhov. — But it could be so and so, because, on the other hand, to get any drugs to ritualistiku, affiliated hospitals and morgues, no problem”.

The second version, the attack connected with the activities of the Sable. A lawyer is investigating the activities of a businessman Eugene Prigogine. His name is often associated with the “Troll factory”, where workers are placed in social networks, comments on political issues and attacks on opposition bloggers in St. Petersburg. Sobol said he thinks about the involvement Prigogine, because immediately after the incident in her social networks happened “influx of trolls”. In addition, the video of the attack appeared on the website of one Pro-Kremlin media even before the police.

Mokhov intends to pass additional tests. He filed a police report, he believes that the criminal case he is likely to fail, because “they (the police. — “MK“) can’t assess the threat and damage” due to the fact that the urine analysis showed drug. “That is, the attack is quite clever,” he concludes.

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