TFR: jumping in the Kuban region, killing paratroopers, took place in normal conditions

Jumping paratroopers in the Kuban region, which killed three soldiers, took place in normal conditions, according to the TFR.

According to the investigation, the servicemen of the military unit 42091 parachuted from the aircraft Il-96 on 24 November, in accordance with the programme jumps. The jump was led by an officer of the military unit 61756. On the ground the safety of the landing was provided by military personnel of military units and 61765 45096. Weather on the day of the jumps was a full-time, but three Marines in the item collection never arrived.

The result of the search operation, their bodies were discovered in the riverbed of the Kuban river.

Upon the death of paratroopers brought criminal case concerning officials of military units and 45096 61756. They are suspected of the negligence which has entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons.

Seized documents governing the conduct of teaching. Conducted interrogations of witnesses and eyewitnesses.

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