The coach talked about the dangerous hobby of the deceased grandmaster Eliseeva

Coach of the Junior chess team Mikhail Kobalia said that some time ago learned about the dangerous passion of his pupil Yuri Yeliseyev, reports RIA Novosti.

The Russian player Yuri Eliseev. Dossier

Kobalia said that Elisha was doing parkour and this is quite consistent with its spirit. Media had earlier published pictures on which Elisha was filmed hanging on the balcony rails in high-rise. The coach also said he was very saddened by the death of his talented pupil, which “was now on such a rise.”

In the circumstances of the death of 20-year-old chess player investigators. According to preliminary data, Elisha tried to climb out the window of the 12th floor on the balcony, but could not resist and fell down.

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