The deceased grandmaster Elisha entertained the guests with parkour: “Oh, look!”

The details of the tragic death of Russian grandmaster Yuri Yeliseyev became known to “MK”. In the eyes of the friends of the young man climbed in the window of the apartment on the 12th floor on Pyatnitskoe highway and fell down when he tried to climb to the balcony.

Yuri Yeliseyev. Photo: social networks

On the fateful Saturday, the 20-year-old Elisha was visiting friends. The company had a good time, and around 23.00 chess player came up with a crazy idea. Shouting: “see how I play!” – the guy went out the window. Apparently, he wanted to climb to the balcony of the same apartment, but a risky move turned the fall.

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The witness was the man who near the entrance in the car waiting for his girlfriend. Flying from the 12th floor to the first, Elisha landed on the asphalt near the utility room. Before that, he hit the first floor balcony and stair railing. While stunned, the witness called emergency services, ran out into the street, the group of friends of the player, some were apparently drunk.

Doctors “ambulance” feel the patient’s pulse and realized that helping him is impossible. Elisha died before their arrival from multiple injuries.

According to friends, the chess master was fond of parkour so one of his friends posted a photo with the young grandmaster hanging on the balcony. However, others did not notice extreme Hobbies, “He couldn’t parkour to do…. He seems such a homely, quiet.”


Yuri Yeliseyev in 2013 received the title of grandmaster. In 16 years became the champion of Russia in classical chess, and in 2016 – the winner of the annual festival “Moscow Open”.

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