“The football Association of England launched an investigation into cases of violence against children

Among the declared childhood abuse by coaches not players for the four highest leagues of England

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Football Association of England confirmed that it had opened an investigation into sexual harassment to the young players, informs “bi-Bi-si”.

The basis for the investigation was the statement of players that they were victims of sexual abuse by coaches when they were teenagers.

The case also deals with the police. It has over hundred signals such crimes. The football Association of England will find out if you knew that sports officials, including the clubs about what is happening.

As recalled by “bi-Bi-si”, a few days ago about childhood abuse by coaches openly declared such players as David white (ex-Manchester city player”), Andy Woodward (formerly stood for “Sheffield United”), Paul Stewart (played for Tottenham and England) and others.

In particular 43-year-old Woodward reported that at the age of 11 to 15 years were subjected to sexual assault from former coach Barry Bendele. This specialist then was convicted of pedophilia, but about the case of former football player was not known.

Then another few players admitted that they were victims of Bennel.

In addition, The Guardian reported that an ex-player whose name was not called, told the police about the abuse by the former coach of the youth team, “Newcastle United” George Ormond. He was convicted of crimes against minors in 2002.

The Association of professional football players said that six or seven clubs including Manchester city, Newcastle and the “Crewe Alexandra” may be connected “to certain defendants”. In the players Union does not exclude that the number of teams that could rape the young players to grow.

It is noted that none of the violence said none of the players of the four highest leagues of England.

Victims of pedophiles become footballers aged six to 16 years.

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