Trump said the proponents of the recount of votes in the elections

The US President-elect Donald trump

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Donald trump commented on the initiative of the green Party to organize in some States a recount on elections of the President of the United States. He called them a fraud initiative which is carried out for profit

The US President-elect Donald trump commented on the initiative of the green Party to hold a recount in Wisconsin. He called such attempts “a fraud” and cited the example of his chief rival, Hillary Clinton, who previously called for recognition of the election results.

“This is the fraud of the green Party on the election where the loser has already conceded defeat, and the results of these elections need to respect and not to challenge and criticize them, and this has been [green Party leader] Jill Stein”, – reads the statement of the trump, which leads Reuters.

The recount, according to trump, you need a Stein that got less than 1% of the vote overall and in many States not even ran, in order to “line their pockets with money, most of which she doesn’t even spend on this ridiculous scaling”.

Earlier it became known that the former candidate in US presidents from the green Party, Jill Stein filed a petition to review the election results in Wisconsin. In addition, she has promised to submit a petition demanding the revision of votes in the States of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Held on 8 November US presidential election victory of Donald trump. He scored 290 electoral votes with 270 needed, but lost on number of votes. Thus, the data of independent analysts from The Cook Political Report show that Clinton voted for 2 million voters more than the trump. However, this circumstance does not affect the election results. According to the US Constitution, residents vote for candidates, but their votes candidates receive not directly, but through the electoral College.

This week the Associated Press reported that a group of deputies called on Clinton to initiate a recount in the States of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. According to lawyers, the outcome of the election in these States could affect cyber-attacks. AP, in turn, noted that evidence that the hackers ‘ actions could affect the outcome of the counting of votes, no. The Agency noted that the separation of the tramp from Clinton, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, where traditionally support Democrats, were negligible.

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