A planetary scientist from NASA called mankind to colonize a moon of Saturn

Despite the extremely low temperature on its surface, Saturn’s moon Titan might be one of the best in the Solar system space objects for colonization by humans. This view was made by Amanda Hendricks previously worked with NASA, and currently works in the Planetological Institute, USA. According to the expert, in many ways Titan is similar to Earth.

photo: pixabay.com

According to the Hendricks, at first glance, the idea of colonization of Titan might seem a little crazy — the temperature it reaches -180 degrees Celsius, and methane and economy rains over the hydrocarbon seas. However, despite all these things, that Saturn’s moon may be the perfect place to create a self-sustaining base of earthlings.

To date, most often as the future colonies of earthlings experts consider the moon and Mars. Both of these cosmic bodies have two key advantages — first, they are located relatively close to Earth, and secondly, the possibility of building a base that looks as realistic as it is possible in principle with the current level of technology development. Mercury and Venus meet the second criterion significantly less on them for mankind unbearably hot, and Venus has a poisonous atmosphere. Purely hypothetically, life could be possible in a “bubble” in the upper atmosphere of Venus, but such a colony could hardly be self-sustaining.

Despite the fact that the cold of the moon and Mars is less of a problem than the heat of mercury, these two heavenly bodies also do not represent an ideal “second home” for humanity — unlike Land, they are not protected from dangerous to humans of the cosmic radiation, geomagnetic field and atmosphere with a large amount of water vapor. Thus, suitable for long-term human habitation base, in all likelihood, it will be possible to create only deep beneath the surface of these planets, says planetary scientist.

Some satellites of Jupiter and Saturn may also one day to shelter mankind, and among them, Titanium is distinguished by the fact that it is in many respects similar to the Ground: methane and tanouye lake similar to the “normal” lake of our planet, and solid hydrocarbons similar to earth’s sand dunes. The atmosphere of Titan is 50 percent denser than earth’s magnetosphere and it is present that would protect the people. In addition, the dense atmosphere would allow people to walk on the surface of the planet without space suits — it was enough to be very warm clothes and masks and tanks. The oxygen offer to get of water ice underneath the surface of Titan.

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