“A talented imitator”. What really happened with Ildar Davnym?

“The facts confirm not found”

Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) has completed the official investigation, according to information on the use of violence in the colony to convict opposition leader Ildar Dadina.

“By results of check the facts of unacceptable methods of influencing the Dading, unlawful use of physical force against the convict, in connection with which had caused harm to his health, his confirmation is not found. All materials of office check are transferred in investigatory bodies, it remains only to wait for the adoption of the procedural decision”, — leads TASS words of the Deputy Director FSIN Valery Maksimenko.

As said Maksimenko, conducted all medical examinations, as doctors, penitentiary and civilian experts, did not reveal the Dading any physical damage.

Who is Ildar Dading and for which he was convicted?

On the recommendation of the defenders to survey the Dading to the colony arrived, one of the leading neurologists of epileptology of Russia, doctor of medical Sciences Vasily Generalov.

Visual examination conducted by Dr. Generalov, any pathologies is not revealed. A more in-depth study was impossible because of the Dading. “To understand whether there is a threat of occurrence of new seizures and convulsive States it was necessary to conduct the examination using special equipment, but he refused to do it without the presence of his lawyers. I tried to explain that will guarantee his safety here with his presence, he confirmed his identity, showed all the diplomas and certificates, but he insisted that it has the right to counsel under the Constitution”, — said Vasily Generalov in an interview with “Novaya Gazeta”.

“I’m very uncomfortable”

However, human rights activists, who helped Dadina, noted that before the arrival of the doctor Generalova Ildar lawyer on inspection not required. After a two-hour medic persuasion failed, he was forced to leave the colony. The doctor noted that there were no obstacles from the penitentiary he is not dissuaded.

“I myself is quite embarrassing that such a world-class expert like Generals riding in vain in the cold and snowy forests”, — said Valeriy Maksimenko, commenting on the results of an internal review of the FSIN.

What is the FPS?

“I would also like to thank Yevgeny Levkovich is a desire to objectively understand and know the truth, and Irek Murtazin and Oleg Lurie — for anyone who has never been in prison, lucidly and clearly confirmed my words that Ildar Dading — it’s just a very talented simulator with stunning artistry and amazing imagination” — leads TASS words of the Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service.

Biography of opposition leader

34-year-old native of suburban Railway Ildar Dading in December of 2015 was the first and only convicted for introduced in July 2014 article 212.1 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. On 7 December the Basmanny court of Moscow has sentenced the Dading to 3 years in prison for “Repeated violation of the established procedure of organization or holding meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches or picketing”. The court of second instance reduced the sentence to 2.5 years.

One of the most high-profile stock Dading became the March 8 activists on Myasnitskaya street in Central Moscow December 5, 2014. Its participants came with posters “Yesterday — Kiev, tomorrow — Moscow” and lit signal swords, chanting slogans in support of “Euromaidan”.

From September 2016 Dading is serving a sentence in Penal colony № 7 in Segezha, Republic of Karelia. His wife Anastasia Zotova reported on Facebook that prison officials beat and tortured her husband, threatening to rape and kill her. About it it became known from a letter that her Dading transferred through a lawyer. It condemned reports that in response to the illegal actions of the guards went on hunger strike after prison officials continued to beat him, lowered his head in the toilet, once handcuffed the handcuffs and hung them.

The case was brought to the attention of the General public, which has made a thorough review of complaints the Dading. However, neither the physicians nor the defenders have not confirmed the veracity of the convicted person.

Activist Dading was punished for the fight with cellmate

Kettle of discord

After human rights activists and doctors visited the Dading, he became a member of the new incident.

At the request of the Federal penitentiary service, the opposition of the conflict occurred on home soil with another convict. As a result, Dading got scratch and the second enclosed — multiple head injuries. As it turned out, the convicts did not split the boiler.

As reported the press Secretary of the Federal penitentiary service in the Republic of Karelia Vitaly Fefelov, both parties to the conflict had imposed a penalty in the form of placement in PKT (cell-type premises).

Ildar Dading needs to be released in August 2017.

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