Caution: getting in the pocket! How not to become a victim of “petty” thief in metro

Vladimir Mikulin, Deputy head of the UVD on the Moscow metro, opened “AIF” all methods “work” pickpockets.

Hot on the trail

If you think pickpocketing is a relic of the dashing 1990s, you are wrong. Criminals are getting bolder and greedier. “This year we registered 593 pickpocketing, – says Vladimir Mikulin. But can please: the same period last year totaled 764 theft, and in the last 3 years registration of pickpocketing dropped by 45%. But we can’t relax”. Are not afraid of modern thieves and the fact that the entire metro is Packed full of surveillance cameras – they are about 10 thousand.

The third interchange circuit of the Moscow metro. Infographics

V. Mikulin am sure theft will be even less if passengers are to immediately report the loss of either the operator or employee of the police Department and to draw attention to the fact of the crime. “So, last week, we are in hot pursuit to catch the thief with the phone, which he snatched from a woman at the exit of the car. She immediately began to scream, the other passengers notice him and detained until the police arrive”, – says Vladimir Mikulin.

Extreme caution, according to experts, should be observed at the stations “Komsomolskaya” and “Savelovsky”, as well as at all railway stations. By the way, “Savelovskaya” is attracting criminals and the fact that they may sell stolen goods to local “entrepreneurs” that sell such products in the nearby shopping centre. “Recently, we conducted two searches and one of the owners of the tents opened a criminal case under the article 175 – distribution of stolen,” – says V. Mikulin. Failed to prove that he knew the “underground” thieves personally.

“People sometimes give themselves into the hands of your clothes at the checkout demonstrate where to put the wallet, put the bag on the floor or shoving the phone in his back pocket nezakryvayushhihsya – complains our interlocutor. Every second passenger demonstrates carelessness”. But less often things get stolen on the escalator – the thief simply that it is difficult to escape, if it is suddenly discovered.

How to protect yourself from theft

  • Listening to music in the headphones, hold the phone in hand or hand in pocket. Otherwise, the gadget can easily be in the hands of criminals. Rogue gently lift it over the headphone cord, disconnect them and then will disappear.
  • Men all the valuable things are better to carry in a side pocket outerwear.
  • Women should wear a shoulder bag so you can see the castle in front of him.
  • To get away from the entrance so the thief is more difficult after the theft at once to pop up the door and hide.
  • Put a password on your phone if you transfer money from your card.

    To get out of the ground. As in the Moscow metro caught thieves and train surfers falling

  • Do not take the subway a large sum of cash.
  • Try to pay attention to those who goes with you. If you see that one and the same person was with you at the register and is now in the same carriage, try to move away from him.
  • When you purchase a ticket stations do not show your wallet if there are a lot of bills. Have the money ready for payment in advance.
  • All precious things spread out in different pockets of the bag.
  • Do not write on the card the password from it and put the paper with the password near the card.
  • Try to remember the train number and the carriage ride. If discovered the loss immediately, the cameras can quickly calculate the thief.
  • If you feel that you climb in your pocket, don’t hesitate to shout. So you will attract attention and deter the thief.
  • Try to clean the wallet as far as possible. There were occasions when a pickpocket pulled out all the money and returned the empty wallet to the place.
  • Don’t lose sight of your belongings. A thief could impersonate your thing like mine.

In terms of security. How does the “smart” appliances in the Moscow metro

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Frequent flyer

But the most dangerous for passengers and the most convenient time of the theft – boarding in the car. Then the thief can either specifically to linger and create a crush or accidentally you dropped something, or quickly snatch it and run. “But these criminals are caught often, and the hardest to figure out who “works” from the comfort of the carriage, – said Vladimir Mikulin. – A thief can ride in the same car for hours until they find an easy victim. So he can Rob several passengers.” It is also recognized Mikulin, the difficulty of capture of the criminal is complicated by the fact that often the victim discovers the theft of his home or on the street, not knowing where she could remove the valuables. So, to catch the thief in hot pursuit will not succeed. So the advice is: to be especially attentive to your belongings and try not to doze off in the car. And most importantly – do not sit on the subway in a state of alcoholic intoxication: for such passengers hunts a separate group of criminals.

  • “Kirmaci”

Take off the robe, put it on hand in the form of a screen, pretending to look at the metro map and pressed to get closer. It is a good time to get into the bag. “Screen” and covers from the other passengers, and security cameras.

  • “Atrachjata”

Accidentally you anything stain, begin to apologize and shake your clothes. At this time, the thief’s partner, passing by, quietly pulls out a wallet or phone, which is unbuttoned pocket.

  • “Landing”

Carefully watching who and how pays at the cash register and cleans much money looking for the easiest victim. Follow it until boarding the car. At the time of landing, especially during rush hour, quickly pull out the wallet and hiding.

Metro 2016. Terms of use subway, which is useful to know everyone

  • “On tour”

Create artificial congestion, even when there is no rush hour. For example, at the entrance of the car can dramatically change your mind, accidentally drop a small item or start to tie the laces. At this time, his partner commits a theft. Can create a crowd and a half-empty train starting to push.

  • “Cutters”

Such in the criminal world less and less. Quietly cut the bag sharp with a coin or small knife. A minimum of three: one cuts, second takes, third to monitor the reaction.

  • “The parachutists”

Mainly Gypsies, holding the children behind, to lull the passengers. Stick with the various issues of distraction, the passenger can become a victim partner. But in recent years these Gypsies are quick to learn and catch. So now they go without the kids and dress up in decent clothes, not to stand out from the crowd.

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