“Damage to culture is often irreparable”. Striking quotes of Dmitry Likhachev

Last update of material – November 2016

28 Nov 1906, born academician, Chairman of the Board of the cultural Foundation and simply sincere, uncompromising man Dmitry Likhachev. For this honesty, for the steadfastness of his views he was called the conscience of the nation.

AiF publishes some of the most striking statements of Likhachev.

“…The conscience not only of the guardian angel of human honor is steering his freedom. She takes care that the freedom not turn into tyranny, but pointed out the man his real way in the confusing circumstances of life, especially today…”

“…The lack of conscience of people employed in agriculture, in the economy, to the detriment of the material. The lack of conscience of the people responsible for culture, to the detriment of the spiritual. But if the economy can catch up, the damage to culture is often irreparable…”

Laureate of the state prize of the USSR Dmitry Likhachev (left) talks with Russian Soviet writer Veniamin Kaverin at the VIII Congress of Soviet writers. Photo: RIA Novosti

“…Should not be blind to beauty, deaf to the word and this music, callous to the good, forgetful to the past. And for this we need knowledge, we need intelligence, which gives culture…”

“…Remember one forgotten truth: the capitals lives in the benefit of “the people”, the people living in the country many towns and villages. The most important thing to do, reviving the culture, is to activate cultural life in our small town…”

“…Russia is not an abstract concept. Developing its culture, one must know that it was in the past and it is today. It is difficult, Russia needs to learn…”

Dmitry Likhachev, 1987. Photo: RIA Novosti

“…Between patriotism and nationalism is a profound difference. In the first – the love of his country, the second – a hatred of all others…”

“…Moral blindness: we have forgotten how to distinguish between colors, more accurately – to distinguish black from white. Theft is theft, a dishonest act dishonest act remains, as it were, and whatever they were justified! A lie is a lie, and I don’t believe that lies can be salvation…”

“…Happiness reaches the one who strives to make others happy and able to at least temporarily forget about their interests, about themselves…”

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