Downed TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov the woman suffered a bruised tailbone

Details of the accident, in which 27 Nov came TV and radio presenter Nikolai Drozdov in the South-West of Moscow, became known to “MK”. Muscovite, which brought down blackbirds, escaped with a bruised tailbone.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

As it became known “MK” accident happened at 15.55 near the house 27 case 2 in the street Ostrovityanova. 79-year-old Drozdov’s personal car “Suzuki Grand Vitara” moved from Union street to the street of Academician artsimovicha. This time 53-year-old local resident Tatyana Morozova was crossing a Zebra crossing. Drozdov could not stop in time and ran over the pedestrian. The woman fell to the pavement. General description the carriage of doctors the patient was hospitalized in the city clinical hospital No. 31 with a diagnosis of contusion of the coccyx.

Drozdov at the time of the accident was driving 50 minutes. By the way, his driving experience since 1969. The car has winter studded tires.

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