Drozdov said that he hit a woman, mistaking pedals

Few months it will take to restore the health of 53-year-old Muscovite, which on Sunday brought down well – known television and radio host Nikolay Drozdov in the South-West of the capital. Himself a zoologist honestly, that confused the pedals and promised to compensate all the cost of treatment.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK” accident happened at 15.55 near the house 27 case 2 in the street Ostrovityanova. 79-year-old doctor of biological Sciences Drozdov by car “Suzuki Grand Vitara” moved from Union street to the street of Academician artsimovicha. In the passenger seat was his wife.

This time a local resident named Tatyana crossed “a Zebra”. Female (by profession a business analyst) lives in the house №28 along the street Ostrovityanova, she went for a walk.

Drozdov, as he later said, mixed up the pedals “gas” and “brake”, so ran over the pedestrian. The Muscovite fell on the pavement.

The terrified presenter jumped out of the car with his wife, began to call the emergency services. According to Tatyana, he seemed very upset that he was in the first accident is Drozdov himself said of the victim. Note, at the time of the Commission of the accident the day he was driving 50 minutes, and the entire driving experience – since 1969! “Suzuki Grand Vitara” with automatic transmission Drozdov leads since 2008.

The culprit was on the scene of an accident until the moment when Tatyana took the coach physicians. Previously doctors diagnosed a fracture of the coccyx, but examination at the hospital revealed a much more serious injury — a fracture of the pelvis. First, the woman was in intensive care, and on Monday afternoon she was transferred to the trauma Department. It was a long treatment for at least 3-4 months.

Drozdov left my phone number and called me, but since I was in intensive care, didn’t answer. It should not be any pressure, he is a man respected, adequately behaved. Promised to pay the cost of treatment. Now I hired a nurse because of severe pain, and will have a long rolling mode, so financial assistance would be superfluous – said Tatiana.

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