Hemorrhoids or cancer? Dispelling the myths about the work of the intestine

Proctologic diseases very, very much. However, not all of them clear to the ordinary patients. And it’s not even unusual names. Often cluttered with details and myths familiar to many even hemorrhoids. Due to incorrect reasoning about a particular disease from the sphere of proctology delayed treatment, and the situation is getting worse. What myths about bowel eat today and how not to succumb Aify told proctologist, head of day hospital in CDB Sciences Paul plotner.

What is the different from the proctologist coloproctologist?

Myth 1. Hemorrhoids resolve themselves

The myth that hemorrhoids can disappear by themselves, is extremely stable. This is due to the fact that people don’t want to seek medical help and hope for cures. Someone notes a decrease in the severity of the disease and thus believes that he was cured. However, you should understand what hemorrhoids are, in fact, is an inflamed and dilated vessels of the hemorrhoidal plexus. Due to the increase in size and gradually fill with blood, they begin more and more to disturb the man. Nodes painful, but pain can be periodically reduced, which is regarded by many as a cure or their resorption.

Really hemorrhoids require treatment. And it should be carefully chosen and monitored by a specialist. The treatment takes place in different directions (diet, adequate physical activity, normalization of stool, the use of medical drugs).

Myth 2. Pain and discomfort in the anus indicate hemorrhoids

Traditionally, the process of enumeration of the symptoms of hemorrhoids the first signs are called such as pain and discomfort in the anus. Because of this, often many people think that develop hemorrhoids, they begin to treat themselves. Drugs for the treatment of hemorrhoids over-the-counter and are available in all pharmacies. And this initiative is quite often the reason for the delay in the treatment of other, no less serious pathologies. For example, similar symptoms can point to cancer. Here, as you know, time is gold. My opinion is: in case of any complaints relating to the anus, need expert advice!

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Myth 3. Treatment of kidney problems are extremely painful

Proctologist — a doctor is a mystery to many patients. And it often happens that due to the different attitudes people are afraid to go to the reception, even if the pain and discomfort is very strong. One of the most common fears is pain: people believe that the rectal is a very painful procedure. Imagination draws them it’s traumatic manipulation, during which you will start bleeding. In fact, modern proctology treatment uses a new technique, thanks to which even surgery becomes easier and less painful.

As for the doctors-proctologists, about which also goes a lot of myths that they are harsh and rough, not familiar with the delicacy, and it’s nothing more than a fantasy. In fact, the doctor-the proctologist — the usual specialist, which should apply to all patients sympathetic.

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Myth 5. Hemorrhoids can be reborn in bowel cancer

Oncology is one of the most important fields of medicine. Her fear almost without exception, and rightly so. However, sometimes this fear leads to a completely irrational speculation. For example, there are people who believe that hemorrhoids can degenerate into a cancer. In fact it is not. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins, and Oncology it does not. But it is worth considering that the symptoms of these two pathological conditions are very similar, so that when the first signs (blood, false desires on a chair, discomfort or pain in the anus) is as fast as possible to go to the doctor to exclude the possibility of development of dangerous diseases.

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Myth 6. Supplements help to cure problems of allergic nature

Many have a strong belief that various dietary supplements help to overcome the many serious problems such as anal fissures or hemorrhoids. In the Internet you can find a huge number of recipes of alternative medicine which claim that hemorrhoids literally instantly disappear and dissolve. It is important to remember one thing: it is impossible alternative medicine and food supplements to replace approved medical community treatments. The main postulate of any doctor — do no harm. And any drug goes through various stages of checks. Therefore, drugs used in certain diseases, was already tested and approved for use. Dietary supplements, in turn, has not certified and at best not helpful and at worst can harm the human condition.

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