“I hope someone got something wrong”

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The Department of health has denied the information about the optimization of the Moscow city oncological hospital №62. On request “Mednovosti” about whether the fact appeared in social networks messages about it, the press service of the Ministry gave a negative answer.

The information that 62 hospital “optimize”, appeared online late last week and caused a strong resonance. Optimization of health sample 2010 years is associated only with the Russians liquidation of medical institutions. So the news associated with one of the few in Russia of the hospitals that cancer patients are recommended to each other, many have called the tragic and even criminal.

But it was the occasion for many to Express a lot of warm words in the address of the hospital and its staff. “This hospital is really the best, and most importantly actually most accessible to ordinary people”, “this hospital cannot be touched, cannot be optimized, it can only help,” “here it is necessary for doctors to study send, and they close”, “Need to be saved from the “optimization” 62nd hospital, from cancer to save others” – is only a fraction of what is being said in social networks over the past few days.

High scores were given to the staff of the hospital and from the mouth of their medical colleagues. “Today, doctors 62nd hospital, like a miracle. Especially in our difficult time. But they do it. 62-Aya – pride of Russia. This clinic, its traditions, its experts and its head should be stored and protected as national heritage,” wrote in FB endocrinologist clinics WikiMed Olga Demicheva, commenting on an article in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” about the unique life of patients pregnant women and their children.

“Honestly, you have to be very demented to think of to optimize one of the best cancer hospitals in the country… I Hope someone got something wrong… Say that MO is now very adequate, and I think the Minister of health. 62 if a hospital is not efficient enough for Moscow, I would in his place have done everything possible in order to take it, and as a whole, and as quickly as possible and with all the specialists, until they fled,” – responded to the news medical Director of the clinic “Family” Paul brand.

As stated on the website of the Moscow city oncological hospital №62, the number of treated in 2015 patients amounted to more than 14 million, made more than 6,5 thousand transactions. Today the hospital is equipped with most modern laboratory, x-ray, endoscopic, ultrasound, surgical equipment. It employs 44 candidates of medical Sciences, 5 doctors and 2 professors. Many doctors are authors of scientific papers, co-authors of fundamental scientific publications, including atlases, practical guides and textbooks. One of the many deletions are struck cancer of the larynx and pharynx part of the esophagus and reconstruction of the defect of the digestive tract segment of the small intestine to microvascular anastomoses with simultaneous voice prosthetics hospital No. 62 in 2011 he was awarded the prize “the Calling”.

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