In Aktobe seven members of terrorist attacks have condemned for life

A court in Kazakhstan sentenced to life imprisonment seven members of the terrorist attacks that occurred in Aktobe in June, Interfax reported.

What you need to know about the attack of militants in Aktobe?

He was sentenced seven people: Bakyt Kuanyshbayev, Askhat imangaliev, Anuar Sadikov janabay Kuanyshbayev, Alibek Aspenbetov, Arsene Tanatarov and Askhat Rakhmetov.

Two – Aydos Zhubanov and Azamat Abdrakhmanov got 25 years and 22 years in prison respectively.

During the announcement of the verdict in the Aktobe increased patrols.

In total on business pass 29 people, nine of whom are accused of direct involvement in the terrorist attack, 18 – failure to report the impending crime, and two in the concealment of the crime.

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