In Bashkiria officials were punished for what the children went to school with axes

Law enforcement bodies of Bashkiria brought to justice the local officials because they did not organize the transportation of children to school through the woods where there are wolves, reports TASS.

As a result, children were forced to go to school with axes to protect from animals.

“Local authorities and education organized the construction of roads and the transportation of students from remote village to the place of training and back”, – noted in a press-service of Prosecutor’s office.

Earlier it became known that the children of a village in Bashkiria went to school through the woods with axes to protect from the wolves found in the local woods. According to Gumerova, the roads between these villages no transport there does not go.

The parents of five children from the village of Verkhniy Nugush located in a remote mountainous forest area, were forced on their own to provide transportation of children to school.

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