In Saudi Arabia the snow fell and set the temperature below zero

In Saudi Arabia the snow fell and frost hit, which is a rare natural phenomenon for this country, informs television channel “al Arabiya”.

That to me snow that to me heat! How to survive the vagaries of the weather

Precipitation in the form of snow were in the North and Central regions of the Kingdom. Most of all it was near the town of Shakra in the center of the state and the city of Tabuk in the Northwest. In Tabarjal in the Northern province of al-Jawf, the air temperature dropped to minus three degrees Celsius, and the city of El Coriat near the border with Jordan to minus one degree Celsius.

It is also reported that in many areas of Saudi Arabia continues the rainy season, which normally ends no later than mid-October. In the East of the Kingdom, the authorities used special equipment to pump and collect rainwater flows.

Winter weather can also be for Saudi Arabia cause of ethical difficulties, because Islam forbids to depict any living creature, including snowmen.

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