Inspection of the Federal penitentiary service did not reveal the illegal use of force by Dadina

A service check conducted by the employees of the FSIN did not reveal facts of illegal use of force to convict Ildar Dadina, reports RIA Novosti with reference to Deputy Director of Department Valery Maksimenko.

Who is Ildar Dading and for which he was convicted?

He informed that by results of check according to the information in the media, cases of inadmissible effects on the Dading, which caused harm to his health, was not confirmed.

“Convicted Dadine not found a single physical damage,” – said Maksimenko, noting that injuries have not found any doctors in the penitentiary, no other doctors, including the recommended the human rights community one of the leading neurologists of epileptology in the country, Professor Basil, Generalao. According to Maksimenko, he did not find even the hidden damage and injury, a marked specialist in the absence of external bruising and hematomas, including after a long time.

All the materials of official investigation sent to the investigating authorities, who will take the procedural decision.

Maximenko also reminded that Dading first gave written consent for a polygraph test from an independent specialist, then without any explanation, refused to pass it, as a new study EEG under Professor Payne. In this regard, Maksimenko said that he “becomes something quite embarrassing that such a world-class expert like Generals riding in vain in the cold and snowy forests”.

Ildar Dading is serving a sentence in penal colony No. 7 of the UFSIN of Russia for the Republic of Karelia for violation of the procedure of holding rallies.

Earlier, his wife Anastasia Zotova reported in Facebook that her husband tortured, beat and threaten to kill. About their checks in this regard, said the FSIN, the UK and the office of the Ombudsman in Karelia.

Today it became known that the Deputy head of the FSIN called the Dading “a very talented imitator”.

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