Media called General Petraeus a likely candidate for the post of head of the state Department

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Sources Bloomberg called one of the candidates for the post of head of the state Department with the trump of General David Petraeus — defendant in the scandal with the disclosure of classified information.

Elected President of the United States Donald trump is considering to appoint to the post of head of the State Department, former CIA Director David Petraeus, writes Bloomberg, citing a source close to trump. In April 2015, Petraeus was sentenced to two years probation and fined $100 million and charged with passing classified information to the journalist and his mistress, Broadwell Field.

Meeting trump and Petraeus to be held on Monday, November 28, said the source publication.

Earlier on 22 November The Wall Street Journal, also citing people surrounded by trump’s reported that Petraeus is among the candidates to head the Pentagon. The publication said that the main candidate in this list is retired General James Mattis, who while head of the Central command of the armed forces, responsible for operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump himself later confirmed that he had met with Mattis about this, and called it “very impressive”. Petraeus headed the Central command, it was in 2008-2010.

Trump has already met with a candidate, which the WSJ called the favorite among the candidates for the post of head of the state Department. Information that the head of the foreign Ministry when it can be former Massachusetts Governor MITT Romney, has caused a flurry of discussion in the media. According to the elected Vice-President Mike Pence, a meeting Romney and trump were “very meaningful”. Romney participated in the presidential race of 2012 and lost to incumbent President Barack Obama. During the campaign, Romney called Russia the main geopolitical enemy of the United States. Obama repeatedly mentioned this saying, and ironically criticized his opponent.

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Petraeus was appointed CIA Director in June 2011, but in November 2012, he resigned in connection with the scandal connected with hacking email of his mistress, Broadwell Floors. It turned out that Petraeus gave her access to secret information, at a time when they worked together on a biography of Petraeus. The General pleaded guilty to unauthorized possession of classified materials.

During the election campaign trump mentioned the name of Petraeus as an example, when attacking his opponent, Hillary Clinton, against whom the FBI did not open a criminal case. Clinton, as US Secretary of state, led the conversation via private email server, located at her home. When the scandal broke, she said that is not led through the server’s secret correspondence, and agreed to transfer to the state Department of the posts and some of the letters was declared remote. According to Clinton, she was ordered to remove personal correspondence.

Trump blamed the FBI of bias, accusing Clinton of a crime. “Others, including Petraeus, were destroyed for much smaller offenses. It’s a conspiracy against the American people,” said trump during the campaign, commenting on the case of Clinton.

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