Muscovites come in large numbers. Why Metropolitan residents move to the countryside?

Surprisingly another – urban residents of the local handicap on the part of milking goats and cows, breeding pigs and sheep and finally, very familiar with tractors.

Drinking coffee with goat’s milk, whose taste reminded dairy ice cream from childhood, we with Irina go to the other end of the village of Lower Pryski to 34-year-old Kate – the Opera singer, the beautiful and the mother of three children. On the way Irina mobile warns several former Muscovites that we pay to visit them. I’ll tell you that among the latter-day rural residents will be former chief financial officer, and employee of the TV, and the Deputy Director of the publishing house. Irina – Muscovite in the third generation, grew up on the streets – one of the Central streets of the capital. Her husband Andrew, also a native Muscovite, Metropolitan life recalls as a nightmare: “got Up at 6 am, two hours in traffic jams going to the airport “Sheremetyevo”, where he worked in the advertising Department. At six in the evening started home, where traveled to 9 PM, had dinner, went to bed. And so from day to day. Like a squirrel in a wheel. And in the village every day just to live. By 9 a.m. in time to milk goats, goat’s Rue to clean, animals to feed, Breakfast, and on the table almost all their products. Recently, even a recipe for French cheese “Crottin de Chavignol” has mastered. The most difficult, as they say in the airport – maintenance work: sick, not sick, and goats milk is necessary, and in the summer they must graze for 4-6 hours. A vacation in this scenario, not the Congress. But it’s worth it. In Moscow, I was now nothing will tempt”.

Muscovites Irina and Andrei 7 years ago built in the Lower Priscah house, started a farm, and this fall, Andrew learned to drive a tractor and plowed a field. Photo: AiF/ Maria Pozdnyakova

Goat Chanel

With Andrew at one hundred percent agree with the owner of lyric-coloratura soprano Ekaterina, who had to see Europe and Japan and found their happiness in the Russian hinterland. Kate with children – 3-year-old Nina, a 4-year-old Tikhon and 5-year-old Fedor moved to the village from the capital permanently in the summer of 2014 “In the city children were often ill, she says. – And indeed there, I felt uncomfortable. One day I looked out the window of the Moscow apartment, and there is very often high-rise buildings and no trees. That got me really depressed: is all life in this concrete jungle and pass?”

In the end, moving from words to business, Kate and her husband had bought a modest farm house with 20 acres. Unlike Irina and Andrei, who sold dacha outside Moscow and was built at the Bottom Priscah house with all facilities (gas, water), their family a new home to afford until you can and arranges well the old: “Winter began to blow from the cracks in the floor. I bought the fiberboard and insulation, patched the cracks. Husband Michael at this time was on tour, he’s the singer of a famous choir. His earnings now is our main financial support as the economy still does not bring essential profit.”

Goat God Kudykina. As a humanist in the farmers moved

That idea with the move was correct, Kate has no doubts: “When after the first two months we had to go for a few days in Moscow, a senior Fyodor cried out: “Mom, not in Moscow!” The kids love it here. They spend much time outdoors. Very fond of goat milk, we now have 15 goats and two he-goats. (Katya shows economy, calling the goats by name – Chanel, Lyra, belly.) Still keep chickens and ducks. Learned to make homemade cheese, sour cream, condensed milk. Summer eat tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes from his garden. In the winter – sauerkraut, pickled apples”.

For Katie it has become customary to get up at half past five in the morning, for an hour, she manages to manually milk the goats “Yet learned, not just cried.” By 8 am lucky to have the car sons to school in the town of Kozel’sk, 5 km from their village. “Any trip to the village is a beauty: bright scenery outside the window. Not that in Moscow – traffic jams, exhaust fumes and nervous employee, the mother behind the wheel. In the city my kids drawings were black and white, but now of the bright colors”. In plans – to continue to develop the economy and build a new comfortable house.

For the sake of the children moved to the village and Sergey with Faith. Sergey worked for many years on TV in the crew of “What? Where? When?” Faith worked as a Deputy Director General of the publishing house. When they was born the eldest son of Nicholas, they noticed a strange pattern: “in the Summer, when the child was in the country, he grew up, and living in the city, ceased to grow”. They sold the flat and bought a private house in 5 km from Moscow, continuing to go to work in the city. “Lived: went to the garden and plucked for dinner thing.” However, when their possession came close Moscow buildings, the house they sold and bought in the capital town house. “When my son nick first came into the yard and saw that there is no vegetable garden, he said, “wow, Daddy, what will we eat?” – says Sergey. By the time they appeared in the family two more children, whom they took from the orphanage, 5 – year-old Maxim and the 9-year-old Xenia. “In the end we decided by Faith to move into the village. Here, the location is perfect – a river full of fish. In the forest, mushrooms, berries.” The family purchased a hectare of land, built a house. Children learn in the Orthodox school in Kozelsk, where and the sons of Katie. To school bringing their parents. No private vehicles are not enough. The family’s large vegetable garden, greenhouses, cows, from the milk they make cheese. “And do we almost never eat cheese, because we have to understand buyers. Sell for 800 rubles. per 1 kg. For one kilogram of natural cheese 10 liters of milk”, – says Sergey.

Hope with her husband Alexander moved to rural areas in retirement. Photo: AiF/ Maria Pozdnyakova

Spoke in the wheel

In the village moving out as young families and those who have recently retired. For example, Hope with her husband. Before retirement she worked for many years as a financial Manager. Outlet in the everyday work of Hope for the last 10 years was a weekend trip to Kozelsk, where her spiritual father, a monk from Optina Pustyn (the monastery is located in the same area), was blessed to purchase the land. The couple built a house, broke the garden, and having retired and moved here from Moscow, brought goats, pigs, sheep, chickens. “In town my husband had a dream to eat real meat, – says Nadezhda. Finally it came true.” (Smiles.) They provide homemade products the family of the elder son, who in the city rising three children. And the youngest, 21-year-old Andrewlives with his parents.

Preparing to move to the village and the son of Irina – 34-year-old Michael. He had plans – the farm: “only officials of the spokes in the wheels in the matter of registration of land. Someone to tell – will not believe: the second year of the young Muscovite struggling to him in the abandoned village to move. I hope that we still to this bureaucracy to cope Putin not have to write”.

“The city is not going back!” Why young people choose the village?

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