Nikolai Drozdov commented on the accident, which fell in Moscow

TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov told about the accident, which fell on the Ostrovityanova street in Moscow, reports RBC.

Media earlier reported that Drozdov hit a woman and she allegedly suffered serious injuries.

As explained by the TV host, he actually touched the wing of the car, 53-year-old woman, when at a low speed drove into the driveway. According to Drozdova, he saw a pedestrian and began to brake but could not avoid the collision. He said that he waited for the medics with a woman, now she is in the hospital, and he intends to provide all necessary assistance.

“She just called me, very kindly talked to me. Asked me not to worry. Said everything more or less okay. I’m going to help everyone,” – said Drozdov.

Now upon road accident an inspection is carried out. According to police, the woman was crossing the road in an unspecified place.

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