“Operation Long jump”. Who wanted to steal Stalin?

November 28 – December 1, 1943 in the Iranian capital hosted the summit of the “Big three” – the leaders of the USSR, the UK and the USA to discuss postwar Europe. And while the conference was prepared in great secrecy, the Germans learned about it in mid-October. Information about “big fish, swimming in Tehran,” according to Albanian Elias bazen – Nazi agent Cicero, the Valet of the Ambassador at the British Embassy in Turkey. The chief of the Reich security Ernst Kaltenbrunner was immediately submitted to Hitler a draft plan for the destruction of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill and got full approval. The mission, codenamed “Long jump” instructed the head of the SS commandos of Otto Skorzeny. The operation of the Nazis failed, however, detailed information on why the allied leaders managed to escape, kept secret until now. Explorer “AIF” reports from Tehran unknown details of the secret opposition in Iran, Nazi and Soviet secret police.

Otto Skorzeny and agent Cicero. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org

Why did the tunnel from beyond the grave?

Former Soviet (and now Russian) Embassy in Tehran – in fact, the city is in the middle of the city. On the territory of 11 hectares Park, hotel, living quarters for diplomats and Executive complex – that’s where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill discussed the division of Germany. The first plan proposed by German agents in Teheran, is to infiltrate the Soviet Embassy on the part of the Armenian cemetery, making a tunnel… from inside the tomb, and then run through this tunnel saboteurs. At the cemetery the Germans had worked its agent – sturmbannführer Franz Mayer, specially arranged by the undertaker – SS officer was disguised as (!) old Armenian with a dyed beard! Soon, however, Meyer was captured by Soviet intelligence, and the idea of digging in Berlin refused.

Tehran-43. Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt decided the fate of the world

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A great betrayal. European democracy “surrendered” to Hitler Czechoslovakia

– A full dossier on the Tehran conference will be decrypted only in a hundred years! says Ahmad Saremi, historian, translator from foreign languages. – Although now, following declassified documents from the Iranian archives, we can conclude: the primary objective of the Germans was to kidnap, not to kill the members of the “Big three”. According to Kaltenbrunner, the elimination of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill would not have stopped the war. And here’s a shock among the population of the countries of anti-Hitler coalition, which will show their leaders in German captivity, would lead to confusion and chaos at the front. It was focused saboteurs of the SS in Tehran.

As pointed out by the Iranian newspaper “Khabar”, “Stalin was going to export via Turkey to Berlin, there to demonstrate in a cage.” Regarding Roosevelt’s position in the Reich Chancellery were divided: some thought that should force the President to give the order to surrender, others to make a particularly cruel punishment (Kaltenbrunner offered to feed the Roosevelt sharks (!) and record it on film). About the Churchill controversy was not just planned to kill on the spot.

Operation “Consent”. Stalin and Churchill were forced Iran to the world

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On profits than the SS?

The Soviet authorities treated the threats seriously. In Tehran were transferred to the 3000 (!) NKVD guarding all the places where there were the leaders of the “Big three”. Later, British and American historians have wondered why, given the presence in Iran of six and a half thousand (!) German spies, the assassination attempt never took place? First, German intelligence network was completely destroyed at the beginning of November of ‘ 43, when during the operation, Soviet security forces arrested 400 agents of the Abwehr. Second, 22-27 November, the intelligence service of the USSR detained fourteen (!) groups of SS paratroopers, abandoned in the cities of Qom and Qazvin under the command of Rudolf von Holten-Pflug (in Tehran, the Germans moved under the guise of a merchant caravan on camels) and the Vlasov Vladimir Squarew. Thirdly, the bureaucracy of the Third Reich played in the failure of the “Long jump” a significant role. Had too many offers compete with each other (himself Skorzeny proposed to eliminate kidnapping and to simply kill the “Big three”, pointing to the Soviet Embassy Packed with explosives, the plane with the pilot bomber). A lot of plans were rejected, discussed, altered and finally the arrest of German agents set point.

By the way

As was the fate of those who were involved in the events of November 1943 in Tehran? SS sturmbannfuhrer Franz Mayer (“an Armenian grave-digger”) was transferred to the British, shipped to India and later disappeared. Revealed to the Nazis the information on the meeting of the “Big three” agent Cicero received a fee of counterfeit British pounds, and until his death in 1971 unsuccessfully sued on this issue with the government of Germany. Ernst Kaltenbrunner, who developed the plan, “Long jump”, hanged in 1946 in Nuremberg. Soviet spy Gevork Vartanian, Iran after 43 years (!) worked in France, Germany and the United States, specializing in activities against NATO, and has never been arrested or discovered, he was promoted to Colonel. Died recently, in 2012, in Moscow.

Where the dollars are nomads?

– According to interrogations of Nazi agents, November 29, they planned to organize mass riots in Tehran and under their cover to attack from ambush, kidnapping the tuple of the “Big three,” says Mehmet Mousavi, Professor of history. In Isfahan SS officer, Schuneman negotiated with the leaders Kaskaskia tribes: their troops were to arrive in the Iranian capital and attack government buildings, causing chaos. Plans fell through for the banal reason – from Berlin is not received dollars, and to attack without prior payment, the chiefs of kaskazi refused.

Surrender. How Nazi Germany surrendered

November 30, 1943, the British arrested a group of Holten-Pflug, and on December 2 was delayed six parachutists – the last of those who were sent to Tehran for the kidnapping of the “Big three”. A major role in thwarting the plans of the SS played by the intelligence service of the USSR, and especially its resident in Iran, a 19-year-old (!) Gevork Vartanyan, and it was neutralized hundreds of enemy agents, including a group Squarea. But initially, the Germans did not doubt the success of your event. Spy network Germany entangled the whole of Iran, the Nazis recruited their agents in 50 (!) the ministries and the army, including division commanders. Despite all the efforts, “Long jump” has failed. The clear picture about the confrontation of special services, we will get the best case in 2043, when the Russian, American and British archives to declassify ALL documents relating to “Tehran-43”. Of course, if they do declassify…

“Friends, help us with the atomic bomb!” Should Russia strengthen relations with Iran in all respects – in spite of the West? Read the report in the next issue of “AIF”.

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