TEST: Why is the baby cranky?

3-4 years children rarely cry and fuss. In fact they are now large: confident walk, eat independently, speak. And to act up to them, in General, there is no need — they words can Express their wishes. The vagaries and the more the cries mean psychological discomfort. In what area it is?

1. Your baby sleeps during the day?

a) always at least 1.5 hours — 0 points.

b) several times a week, from 1 to 3 hours — 4 points.

C) occasionally, long — 10 points.

d) can’t sleep — 7 points.

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2. How much time is spent developing games?

a) strictly according to the request of the child: can be 5 minutes, and maybe 45 — 0 points.

b) according to the methods of early development — 10 points.

C) at the request of parents — 6 points.

d) he goes to kindergarten, so we don’t know — 8 points.

3. How do you perceive your baby?

a) as a full member of society, of man, although small — 0 points.

b) as a precious gift — 5 points.

in) as the object of our constant care — 8 points.

g) as a kind of investment in our future — 10 points.

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4. What is your understanding of the Caprice?

a) a signal that the vital needs of the child are not being met — 0 points.

b) a bad mood — 2 points.

C) spoiled — 4 points.

d) the influence of other people — 6 points.

5. Who in your family more than others pays attention to the upbringing of your child?

a) the Pope — 0 points.

b) mum — 1 point.

C) grandparents of 6 points.

g) a nanny or governess — 8 points.

6. What penalties do you consider acceptable?

a) only those that the child can understand, and only then, when he realizes that he did wrong — 0 points.

b) to scold — 4 points.

C) to put in a corner — 2 points.

g) to deprive walks, toys, candy… — 7 points.

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7. You have a habit of force-feeding the child?

a) no, he had to eat alone, we can only help — 0 points.

b) very rarely, but you have to make is — 2 points.

C) if not forced, stay hungry — 5 points.

g) we do not force, and because he eats only snacks — 10 points.

8. How much time do you spend walking?

a) every day for at least 2-3 hours — 2 points.

b) at least 2-3 times a week, but as long as the child is not tired and he’s tired — 0 points.

C) all depends on our availability calendar — 7 points.

g) in the kindergarten walk with them, perhaps this is enough — 10 points.

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Calculate the scores and review the findings.

From 0 to 18: most likely, your relationship with the baby lined up so perfectly that it is naughty for physiological reasons: a lack of sleep or slept (this also happens!), a stomach ache or headache (due to the fluctuations of atmospheric pressure, for example), pulled the arm or leg… you should Also consider causes such as boring, insufficiently informative sessions. Try to pay shared learning a little more time.

19 to 29: your child may be upset one of the most important functions — food or sleep. Quickly change your habits, try to organize the baby NAPs at least 30-40 minutes because his body needs to rest; cease to overfeed the child, do not let him also to eat only favorite foods.

From 30 to 52: your child may lack attention, and in any one area. For example, it can be overloaded to developing classes, at the same time you rarely hug and praise. Or do you have too much time to take walks and active games, and the kid wants to sit quietly with a book or draw. Maybe you just have too little contact with the baby, fully entrusting his upbringing to the babysitter, grandmother, or kindergarten?

53 and more: maybe the root of the problem is the psycho kid, he’s too excitable nervous system and fragile mentality, maybe he is hyperactive. However, most likely, constant whims arise due to wrong mode of the day, your attempts to show him as an adult. Understand that baby needs more attention, more care, than an adult, he still can not meet adult requirements.

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