The Deputy head of the FSIN called Ildar Dading “a very talented imitator”

Deputy Director FSIN of Russia Valery Maksimenko

Photo: Dmitry Dukhanin/Kommersant

The Deputy Director of the Federal penitentiary service called “a very talented imitator” Ildar Dading, who at the beginning of November she complained of torture in the colony. He said that in the history of the Federal penitentiary service was open

Deputy Director of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) Valery Maksimenko called “a very talented imitator” Ildar Dading, earlier declared torture in prison where he is serving his sentence. About Maksimenko said to journalists, reports “RIA Novosti”.

He thanked the human rights defenders, journalists and bloggers because they “did not succumb to provocations, preserve the independence” and were interested in an objective assessment of the information. Maksimenko thanked them “for anyone who has never been in prison, lucidly and clearly confirmed my words that the Dading — it’s just a very talented imitator with great artistry and a stunning imagination.”

However, in his opinion, among the defenders were the ones that “reported by the media false information, fabricated, and inventing stories that would have discredited the employees of criminally-Executive system, while not having a single reliable and confirmed fact”.

Maksimenko has also stated that in the history of the Federal penitentiary service was open to human rights defenders and to society. “FSIN is not going to hide anything to hide, she seeks to become absolutely transparent,” — said the Deputy Director of the service.

Maksimenko has also stated that the FSIN has completed the official investigation of complaints is the Dading on the use of violence to it. He said that according to her results, this information was not confirmed. All materials submitted to the police, reports TASS. Maksimenko assured that the doctors of the Federal penitentiary service Commission civil doctors of the district hospital and the hospital of Petrozavodsk have not found “a single physical damage”.

Ildar Dading in early November, wrote a letter in which he reported the beatings and threats from employees of the colony. He claimed that he was repeatedly beaten, “after the third beating lowered his head in a toilet right in the cell, a punishment cell”. According to him, prison staff also tied his hands behind his back and hung by the handcuffs. This story drew the attention of human rights activists, the Federal penitentiary service and the Ombudsman for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova.

When initialized, check the Federal penitentiary service has said that the independent doctors found on the body of the Dading bruising, “as well as signs of previous injuries”. However, a member of the Council on human rights Igor Kalyapin claimed that the convicted person correctly stated all the events that happened to him, and it could really apply coercive measures.

Dading became the first Russian convicted under the article on violation of order of holding rallies. In 2015, he was sentenced to three years in prison, however later the Moscow city court reduced the sentence to 2.5 years. On 24 November the European Parliament called for the immediate release of the Dading.

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