“The government doesn’t hear us”. Student with cerebral palsy asks to replace the signature stamp

The sophomore from St. Petersburg Ivan Bakhitova cerebral palsy, but despite this he conducts an active way of life: goes to school at the usual program, plays sports, develops mobile applications for people with speech and motor disabilities, and last summer, even made a report on the humanitarian UN summit. Inventions of the young man shared with other people with disabilities. However, with such outstanding achievements Ivan cannot open a Bank account or simply sign a document. Due to hyperkinesis — involuntary muscle contractions — signed Ivan always puts his mother: by proxy, the execution of which requires money. The student, angered by the fact that he, a grown man, have to trust the expression of their will to someone else, has created an online petition for the right to sign alternative ways: fingerprint or facsimile. Ivan hopes that will reach the authorities and so, he will be allowed to take the most important decisions in your life without intermediaries.

Ivan Bakaev requests to allow disabled people to put a stamp instead of a signature. Photo: From the personal archive of Ivan Bakhitova

In place of the signature is blank

Ivan Bakaev think about the discomfort associated with the signature when received the passport. Due to the involuntary muscle contractions the student was unable to sign the document, therefore in the passport of a young man is blank. Currently all documents instead of Ivan signs of his mother. Such a practice provided by applicable law: people who do not have the physical ability to sign off independently, should issue a power of attorney to another person, or a close relative. In the future, disabled people will be able to sign the document only with the help of this man.

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Like any normal citizen, eighteen-year-old Ivan did not want to transfer his right of signature to a stranger, let it even the closest people. Wanting to achieve the possibility of self-expression for all persons with disabilities, he wrote on this subject several letters to the President, but each time got only the same type of responses from the Committee for labor: this problem does not exist because it is regulated by the law. Ivan then created an online petition to allow people to sign not only by hand, but in other ways, accessible to all. In his address Ivan suggested as alternative options for electronic fingerprint or facsimile. “The idea that spending money on a notarized power of attorney fundamentally wrong — says the mother of Ivan, Julia. — Why should I pay a thousand rubles for the fact that my son has the right by law to do himself?”.

Student spoke about their programs at the UN summit. Photo: From the personal archive of Ivan Bakhitova

“I had to sign, sitting on floor”

Studying the issue according to various sources, Ivan learned that in the Soviet Union, disabled people were allowed to sign a stamp, but in Russia, this possibility ceased to exist. So, in Nizhny Novgorod two lovers refused to register the marriage only due to the fact that they could not sign. The administration of the Registrar’s office demanded that a couple got married other people, but the bride and groom, it was important to make this crucial step yourself.

Sports instead of drugs. Gymnast with cerebral palsy is preparing to become a world champion

Ivan also repeatedly came into a difficult situation. The student is often faced with a lack of understanding in various organizations. “When Ivan comes to the Bank, it can communicate with your tablet, voicing his words, but the sign can’t. This puts the ladies “in the Windows” in a complete stupor, — says Julia. — In the best case he could with a trembling hand somehow to put a check mark or likeness of a cross, but the hand can jerk: then the whole form will be crossed out. We were in different organizations boccia (Paralympic sport), which deals with Ivan. There are some people to sign when issuing visas or other documents have been in a public place to sit on the floor in front of other astonished customers. It demeans the dignity of man.” Currently, to use a facsimile when making Bank transactions can only the visually impaired and other people with disabilities, this law does not apply.

Student loves to ride around the city on special Bicycle. Photo: From the personal archive of Ivan Bakhitova

“The government doesn’t hear us”

The petition, posted by Ivan, was signed by more than 150 thousand people. Among them are not only living with cerebral palsy, but also people after a stroke, those who had lost an arm, just concerned citizens. However, the appeal of the student caused a lot of criticism. People in the comments asking questions: “why do you get married and sign, if you can live? Why bother leaving the house? Why go to the pension Fund, if it can make a social worker?” The last straw in this case was the situation when Ivan decided to open an account and issue a card of a Bank. “The Bank asked me: “why do we need such a map?” — says Yulia. — This question is often heard. Not everyone understands that Ivan leads an active life. The word “disabled” most lying is a grandmother, not a young man, who plans to issue the individual enterprise and to write grant applications”.

Program Ivan can communicate to people with speech disorders. Photo: AiF/ Jan Khvatova

In addition to variants with the signature in the form of facsimile or electronic fingerprint, Ivan offered to at least do power of attorney free. “It’s not really the best option, since, for example, I don’t know one person who is willing to transfer the right on my signature, he Bacalov. But in some cases this option can also be comfortable”. Indeed, in our country many bedridden people who are willing to transfer the right to sign your family member or loved one. But why they are receiving a very modest pension, should periodically allocate her a thousand roubles for power of attorney? “I and people like me, a lot of problems, admits Ivan. — But the government doesn’t hear us”.

Ivan uses his programs to communicate with other people. Photo: AiF/ Jan Khvatova

The bill to be

On petition of Ivan drew the attention of the deputies of “United Russia”. The party has promised that in the near future will create initiative group which will finalize the proposal by the student on the replacement of facsimile signatures: this option is recognized as the most effective. Subsequently the bill will be introduced to the State Duma. Despite that, Ivan is not going to stop there. He intends to send a petition to the President, the Vice-Premier Olga Golodets and the Commissioner for human rights in Russia.

The student expects that now, when talking about the issue at the highest levels, it will finally be solved. Ivan has a girlfriend. The boy wants to in the future when they decide to get married, the signatures for registration of marriage would not their moms, and are young. This family is fully supportive of Ivan. “There are disabled people who sit and constantly complain about how bad this world is, how bad everything in it is arranged — mother says Petersburger. — Others say: “I will change this world!””

Ivan dreams that he and his girlfriend Sami will sign marriage registration. Photo: From the personal archive of Ivan Bakhitova

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