The helicopter crash in the Crimea led to casualties

On the southern coast of the Crimea Peninsula in the crash killed two people. The accident for yet unknown reasons suffered a helicopter Robinson.


The incident occurred near the village of Maly Mayak. As reported TASS the press service of the EMERCOM in the region, the helicopter was flying from Yalta to Moscow.

At 09:45 GMT on the remote standby received a message from local residents who saw the helicopter crash. On Board at the time were two people, both from his injuries died.

Currently on the scene are representatives of the emergency services.

At the beginning of November in Sochi crashed helicopter Eurocopter AS-350. A car fell on a private house. The pilot and passenger of the helicopter were killed and four people were injured.

Watch the video on:
“Posted a video of a helicopter crash that crashed on a residential house in Sochi”


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