“The Hermitage will launch a tour of “Fears and phobias” in the Wake of the discussion of the exhibition Fabre

– The Hermitage will launch a tour dedicated to the reflection of the fears and horror in the works of famous artists, according to the official page of the Museum on instagram.

“As a universal or encyclopedic Museum, which is the Hermitage should show “edge artifacts,” the archaeology of graves and burials? How to build a dialogue between Museum and audience? Here is a small part of the issues and topics that are answered or makes you think this tour”, – stated in the message.

In the Hermitage emphasize that, walking through the enfilade of rooms filled with beauty and harmony, people often do not see the “fear and horror lurking in the paintings of the old masters”.

The tour aims to continue the discussion, which arose after the opening of the exhibition of contemporary Belgian artist Jan Fabre “the Knight of despair, the Warrior of beauty” in the Winter Palace.

The message is illustrated with the fragment of a painting Berardo Strozzi “Healing of Tobit” (1722), which shows a gutted fish, the bile which the young man Tobias on the advice of the Archangel Raphael oil blind father’s eyes.

Previously, the artist Fabre reported that the Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky gave him full freedom of action in the preparation of the exhibition in the historical halls. Especially for the exhibition in the Hermitage Museum, containing over 200 exhibits, Fabre created a number of new works. Among them the series of drawings, exhibits, created from the shells of beetles, the shapes of animals. In addition to the halls of the Winter Palace, the exhibits Fabre placed in the Main headquarters.

Fabre is one of the most famous contemporary artists. In his works he talks about life and death, physical and social metamorphosis, the nature of violence inherent in how the animal and human world. He operates the shell beetles, skeletons, horns, stuffed animals and pictures of animals in various materials. This does not exhaust the list of unusual materials, including blood and blue ink ballpoint pen.

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