The Russian therapists supported self

Professor Preobrazhensky (E. Evstigneev), “heart of a Dog”, 1988 Photo: YouTube

The President of the Russian national medical society of physicians Anatoly Martynov does not exclude the fact that our therapists will support educational projects for self-healing that will benefit both physicians and patients. He said this during the XI National Congress of physicians.

He explained that a common misconception about the absolute dangers of self-medication. This, however, is not always the case. In some cases, such as acute respiratory infections, a patient to a doctor may not apply. But those who decide to self-medicate, must be properly prepared.

“We need to conduct explanatory work with patients, to inform patients how to respond to a state change in health, particularly for colds. Not always a person should go to the doctor. Pharmacies also employ competent people who are highly qualified. But we need to work together with the therapists the tactics that she’s not to the detriment of patients, because there are no medicines without side effects,” said Martynov.

Special attention therapists should give patients suffering from chronic diseases. The doctor, for example, can help such patients pertain to medications for personal home kit. However, such work is not always possible due to existing temporary rules of admission. Recall that pediatricians and physicians have to spend on the reception is not more than 15 minutes (previously this rate was 12 per minute). The Director of the Department of public health & communications Ministry of health Oleg Salagai said that the temporary rules more than many European countries.

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