Victims of taxi driver with poisoned Mandarin began eight people

With glasses of brandy and …Mandarin killed their customers an illegal taxi driver in the suburbs. In the alcohol and snack bombed added psychotropic substance phenobarbital. Those who managed to survive after such a treat, came to the cemetery in the village of Obukhov.


As it became known “MK”, born in the town of Shakhty of Rostov region 51-year-old Victor Narsc about a year ago, arrived in the Moscow region for work. Settled a southerner in the city of Klimovsk of the Noginsk region of the Moscow area the Man had no profession, and therefore decided to engage in private taxi driver. For these purposes, he bought the car and began to pick up the customers near pubs. However, this work did not bring the fish is material satisfaction. Enough money only for food and paying apartment rent. And then Victor decided to Rob passengers. For these purposes, the cabbie got hold of a psychotropic substance phenobarbital.

The first victim of the cab in February of this year was the woman who “voted” next to the restaurant. NARUC willingly agreed to give her a ride home and offered a drink of brandy and eating a tangerine, in which he in advance by injection injected the drug. It is noteworthy that woman, as, indeed, other victims did not bother this attraction of unprecedented generosity — they without a shadow of a suspicion took “gifts” from the hands of a stranger.

A few hours later the woman woke up in a cemetery among the crosses and graves without clothing. The attacker took off her mink coat, took jewelry, cell phone, all the cash and credit cards. Woman miraculously did not freeze to death. With some difficulty the lady got home and reported the robbery to the police.

Approximately the same scenario villain has committed all eight offences, which on the melon time known operatives. Unsuspecting customers were treated to a man poisoned by drink, gave bite to eat citrus and thrown in the same cemetery. However, luck is not all victims. Two cases have been fatal. Recently, the villain was detained.

In his apartment the entrance of the search, investigators seized 19 mobile phones, notebooks, gold jewelry, 4 tablet, 2 netbook, and four mink coats, – said the “MK” official representative of Russian Ministry of internal Affairs of Irina Volk.

Law enforcement officers ask victims from actions of the malefactor to apply to the police or to call by phone “02”.

As told Irina Wolf, officers of the CID of the Moi of Russia in Moscow region with their colleagues from the MU of the MIA of Russia “Noginsk” the complex operatively-search actions and investigative actions aimed at establishing additional episodes of illegal activity of the detainee. During the investigation the suspect was arrested.

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