At the crash site of the plane with the Brazilian players found a few survivors

In Colombia, crashed a private plane, on Board of which there were 81 people, including the players of the Brazilian football team “Epicoene”. It is known that six passengers managed to survive.


The ship departed from Bolivia and crashed in mountainous terrain on the way to the Colombian city of Medellin. The accident occurred in the province of Antioquia in the area of La Unión. With about hours the aircraft was missing – it disappeared from radar.

On Board were 72 passengers and nine crew members. It is known that in the plane crash were the players and coaching staff of the Brazilian football club “Epicoene”, as well as journalists and three guests.

A few days ago, the players rejoiced in his reaching the final of the South American Cup, where they had to fight with Colombian “Atletico Nacional”.

La ultima foto del #Chapecoense antes de su accidente aéreo en Colombia

— Rafael Rivera (@RafaDatos) 29 Nov 2016

At the scene working emergency services and rescuers. According to the Agency France-Presse, six passengers managed to survive. Earlier, the radio 360 Radio Colombia reported that in hospital of the city of rionegro was delivered 10 injured.

Los servicios médicos se alistan para dirigirse a la zona en donde fue el accidente del #Chapecoense

— Rafael Rivera (@RafaDatos) 29 Nov 2016

According to preliminary data, the liner does not have enough fuel. The commander was flying from Bolivia to the aircraft informed the dispatchers of the airport about the problem, after which the Board was given a priority landing, but to get to the destination he failed.

#Urgente | Primeiras imagens do avião onde o viajava time Chapecoense.

— 360 Radio Colombia (@360RadioCo) 29 Nov 2016


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