Between Ukraine and Russia. Yanukovych was interrogated for six hours

Three volumes of evidence of crimes

Correspondent Aify Vitaly Kolbasin followed ex-President Viktor Yanukovych firmly repulsed the verbal attacks of the Ukrainian representatives of the court’s six hours of the 66-year-old politician spent standing on his feet!

What accuses Yanukovych, the Ukrainian court?

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Illegally dismissed by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych videoconference willingly gave evidence to the Ukrainian court in the case of mass riots in Kiev in February 2014. During the “Maidan,” killing more than 100 people, including law enforcement officers. Yanukovych strongly disagree with the allegations that the Kiev authorities of involvement in the death of these people.

In the court of Yanukovych brought home three of the documents that he was shown yesterday at the press conference. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

On the second video link in the building of the Rostov regional court it’s much less of journalists than the first time. Recall that last Friday Svyatoshinsky district court of Kyiv has postponed the questioning in the absence of witnesses, the fighters of subdivision “Berkut”, who are in detention and are accused in the riots.

We are talking about the tragic events in Ukraine from 14 November 2013 to 22 February 2014, named “independence” and culminated in a coup d’etat.

Finally an event that few months announced the leading Ukrainian mass media, took place!

Room, where Yanukovych gave the answers to the questions of the Ukrainian court. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Yanukovych appeared in the room a video conference with three thick folders of documents that he was still in last Friday demonstrated to journalists at a press conference. “It contains evidence of a crime the so-called new government of Ukraine”, — he said, adding that soon will be ready the fourth volume.

Ukrainian journalists noticed that Viktor Yanukovych looks more inspired than they did three years ago, when appeared in Rostov-on-don in front of reporters.

Where Yanukovych lives?

At the beginning of the trial the judge asked the politician to give them the address where he lives. At that Viktor Yanukovych said only one sentence “Rostov oblast” and looked at the lawyer Victor Serdyuk. The defender appealed to the Ukrainian side with a request not to answer this question for security purposes.

In court eks-the President appeared as a witness on their own. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

The question of where the lives of a runaway President, is troubling many. The exact place nobody knows. Ukrainian journalists believe that the politician lives in a closed area in Rostov-on-don near Rostov law Institute of MIA of Russia.

Some suggest that Yanukovych has another place closer to Moscow. Fugitive politician only once lit up: summer luxury boat, accompanied by coast guard boats plied on the river don.

Fact astonished fishermen and some tourists — scared. Those who rented an expensive yacht on the mobile phone, had the honor to speak with strong guards of Yanukovych. Beefy guys in an authoritative tone demanded to delete the record. Who are not afraid, answered boldly strangers, in Rostov. As a result, the yachts Yanukovych is walking on the Internet. The authenticity of the fact of an expensive yacht confirmed. In the same way Viktor Yanukovych proceeded to Volgograd, where he visited Mamayev Kurgan, and later the ship seen on the way back.

Revolution vs esteem. What came to Ukraine for 2 years after the Maidan

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The story, invented by Ukrainian Prosecutor

For Russian journalists, which spetsializiruyutsya the proceedings, attend the courts of the Russian Federation, it was wild to observe the method of interrogation of the Ukrainian side.

The public Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko accused Viktor Yanukovych in the organization of military actions, armed actions, abuse of office and treason.

The hall where the journalists watched the video link between the courts of Rostov and Kiev. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

In the Wake of the Prosecutor General the prosecution was supported by head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksiy Donskoy. He asked questions like: “What were you doing 20 Feb 2014 20:30?” or “who talked on the phone for 54 seconds Feb 21, 2014?”. The Prosecutor in question to my satisfaction found a “Russian trace” in the organization “Maidan”.

“Received a phone call from Putin, and begins the assault “Maidan”, — concluded the Prosecutor Alexey Donskoy.

In the Rostov regional court Yanukovych defended by a lawyer Viktor Serdyuk. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

To such a fantasy Viktor Yanukovych responded with a smile, Rostov and his lawyer said it was a story invented by the Prosecutor. Alexey Donskoy, called “Maidan”, “revolution of dignity”, remember five times to ask: “How have you been in Russia?”

The marathon trial was a farce. Asking questions Yanukovych, the Ukrainian representatives of the investigation was fabricated accusations against him. “This is a dangerous assumption of guilt of the person and can say that he is a criminal is unacceptable from the point of view of its rights,” responded the ex-President.

Measures secure while video conferencing was elevated. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“I’m not removed from itself powers of the President of Ukraine!”

Yanukovych once again accused the leaders of the “Maidan” events in 2014. “The political responsibility for the incident lies with the leaders of the opposition. It was beneficial to them, not me and the government,” he said, adding that the fire in the center of Kiev led to those points which controlled the protesters.

A witness called by the people who, according to him, has arranged shooting in the center of Kiev is Turchinov, Parubiy and other leaders of the protest. A separate topic has been devoted to the story of the reasons for which, in 2013 Ukraine has not signed the Association agreement with the European Union. It is this fact gave rise to the riots.

The live broadcast was carried by TV channels and Internet. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

“We were heavily involved in European integration, and we didn’t stop her, and stopped. We wanted to get from the agreement, not nice words, but something significant, and sign the agreement with the EU and to destroy the relationship with Russia is the worst thing that you can do”, — concluded Yanukovych.

Mechanic, writer, President. The rise and fall of Viktor Yanukovych

The former President told how he fled to Russia, once in an armed ambush in the area of Melitopol. No less thrilling was his account of how the Manager demanded to return his plane to Kharkov, and his motorcade was fired.

The witness explained that on February 22, 2014, he and his retinue flew from Kharkov to Donetsk instead of Kiev. “Armed guards wanted to detain me, but managed to convince them of the senselessness of bloodshed. I decided to go to the Crimea by car”, — he explained.

Work in Rostov the trial lasted until late in the evening. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

At the end of his speech, Yanukovych said that is not removed from itself powers of the head of the Ukrainian state. “And then decides to let the Ukrainian people”, — he concluded.

After a six-hour process Viktor Yanukovych left to journalists.

“Today’s interrogation is of great importance from the point of view of prospects of development of events in Ukraine. We all dream to see Ukraine become a state of law, where human rights are violated”, — said the politician.

On 2 December, the Kyiv court of Ukraine will continue to question video conference from Rostov-on-don other witnesses of the “Maidan”.

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