In the Russian Federation changed the rules of compensation of a damage from crimes

The Supreme court issued a decree according to which the harm from a crime can compensate not only the accused, but also strangers, RIA Novosti reported.

The draft Plenum of VS of the Russian Federation States that the compensation may be performed by other persons at the request or with the consent of the person who committed the crime. In the case of Commission of crime under article “evasion from payment of taxes,” the damages allowed and the organization, evasion of taxes and duties with which the accused person.

Additionally, the court noted that the promise to pay damages or to make amends for the harm in the future are no circumstances providing grounds for exemption from criminal liability.

“Full compensation, made after the appointment of the court of first instance of the hearing, the court admits the circumstance commuting punishment. As such it may be recognized as partial compensation for crime damage”, — the document says.

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