Michigan approved trump’s victory over Clinton

The poster with the elected President of the United States Donald trump, one of the us houses

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Michigan formally adopted the victory of Donald trump over Hillary Clinton with a lead of 11 thousand votes. Previously the green Party has decided to seek a recount in Michigan, where they traditionally won by the Democrats

The electoral Commission of Michigan one of the States where the green Party had decided to seek a recount — confirmed the victory of Republican Donald trump over his rival Democrat Hillary Clinton, the Associated Press reports.

It is reported that trump was ahead of Clinton in Michigan for 10 704 thousand voices. Thus, after the victory in Michigan Trump got 16 electoral votes. Given this state of trump — 306 votes elector, against 232 – Clinton.

Trump became the first Republican candidate who could defeat the Democrats in Michigan since 1988.

Last week, on 26 November, former candidate for US presidents from the green Party, Jill Stein announced his intention to seek a recount of votes in three States where the traditional was won by the Democrats. We are talking about shtath Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Stein announced that they have filed the petition with the requirement to reconsider results of elections in Wisconsin. Regarding the other two States it has promised to file a petition later.

The initiative of the green Party and supported by the staff of Clinton. It noted that even though his own investigation and found no violations, the staff decided to take part in efforts “to make sure everything is fair for all parties.”

Trump, commenting on Stein attempts to organize a recount, called them “fraud” and reminded the proponents of this idea is that the main opponent conceded defeat.

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