“People for people”

Sergey Gaultier. Photo: transpl.ru

The capital hosted the sixth charity event in support of transplantation “people for People”. Its main event was a football match on the field of the Olympic complex “Luzhniki” played doctors with patients who survived an organ transplant. Players who have had serious diseases and transplantation, was not inferior in top form those who saved their lives.At a press conference, the scientists told about the promising directions of the Russian Transplantology and plans to participate in the World transplant games.

According to organizers, its purpose is formation of positive attitudes towards organ donation and assistance to social adaptation of people with transplanted organs. In addition, the campaign “people for People” is also a step to Russia again became a member of world sport movement of people with a transplant organ sharing, said the head. the Department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation of the First MSMU n. a. I. M. Sechenov, President of the National Alliance of medicine and sports “Healthy generation” Evgeny Achkasov. As the scientist said at the meeting in the framework of the press conference, the world transplant games are held in the world for over 30 years. The Russian team took part in them only once – in 1991, the patients of the famous transplant surgeon, academician Valery Shumakov won the honorary Cup.

Took part in a press conference the Director of the fsbi “Federal scientific center of Transplantology and artificial organs them. academician VI Shumakova” Sergey Gautier said that in 2017 will earn the national register of donor organs. This register will consist of four blocks, comprising information about the in vivo expression of the citizens, seized the bodies, waiting for their patients, and the results of transplantation. The register is a huge database, the formation of which would take time, but above all, it must be approved by the Federal law, which is expected specialist, will also be adopted next year.

“All of this must be approved by law. Similar registers operate in European countries – said Gauthier. – We have 85 regions, difficult to unite under this idea. Transplantation is now carried out only in 22 regions. The rest of the population suffering from diseases that are indications for transplantation of an organ, is sent to the transplant centers, therefore, a donor resource in those areas were invisible. First of all, we need to develop a donation in all territories, to all the organs were used right.”

Speaking about prospects of the Russian Transplantology, Gauthier noted that today experts learn two new areas – transplantation of the uterus, which will help to get pregnant a lot of women, as well as transplantation of limbs. “With the loss of both hands, man is absolutely helpless “construction”, in need of constant help. Transplantation of limbs, at least one of the hand or the forearm is a vital intervention. In our country this has not yet happened, but it is an urgent necessity”, – the expert believes.

But to transplant the whole body Gaultier treated with caution. “The brain – identity, a personality, explained Gauthier, answering a question about the impending transplantation of the body suffering from spinal amyotrophy Russian Valery Spiridonov. And we are talking about whether it is possible to help the head containing the human personality, with the help of transplantation of donor body so that the head is supplied with blood, oxygen, could receive nutrients from the digestive system of the body. I do not see great prospects of this direction. This is due to the very labour-intensive technical and medical processes that in principle it is possible to exercise, but to get full function of the transplanted body… for me and For many professionals, not only transplantation, but also neurologists, which should provide the neural link’s head with a transplanted body, this issue is not yet resolved”.

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