Take care from an early age. As don care about the health of schoolchildren

How to maintain the health of the younger generation? That will help prevent diseases? On what equipment is best to examine boys and girls? This and many other questions were discussed by the participants of the VII all-Russian forum “health-preserving education: experience, problems, prospects”.

Discussions and round tables, exchange of experience and opinions — for a few days in Rostov-on-don was attended by representatives of regional Executive authorities coordinating the operation in such fields as education, physical culture and sports, as well as heads and employees of educational institutions.

Strong spirit, strong body

Don capital as the place where the event of the Federal scale, not chosen by chance. Here 2012 to implement their pilot project, which aims to improve the health of young people.

Daunting task. How to protect the child from intellectual overload

“We wanted to reverse the situation, when, according to statistics, in the first class we came up 80% of healthy children, and by the end of school as there is only 20%,” — said the Governor of Rostov region Vasily Golubev.

The first thing on don has a health care Centre which receives all the status information of students and training institutions. The obtained data is analyzed, then based on them build the educational process in a particular school.

In educational institutions with high-tech hardware and software complexes ARMIS, which are pre-medical examination. In five years, the financing of the project has exceeded 140 million roubles, and funds were allocated from Federal and regional budgets.

It is better to prevent than to treat

“There is nothing more important than the health of our children, because they are the future of the Rostov region. It is our sacred duty to create conditions in order for children to fully develop, grow up healthy and successful, became worthy citizens of the country”, — said the head of the region.

Today the network of educational institutions that are focused on maintaining the health of the pupils has 382 pilot schools. In their study of more than 180 thousand boys and girls, that is 52% of the total number of pupils in the region.

Today the database on the physical health of the children includes more than 300 thousand medical examinations. All the data is passed to the parents. And those guys who have found some abnormalities be referred for further examination to a specialist. This approach does not allow the illness to develop or become chronic: it can be cured at first.

Who is at risk?

That pilot project is, according to the extensive medical examinations. The condition of the children who attend schools involved in the program for the fifth year, much improved.

With 2013 in the framework of the project look not only for physical health but for social and psychological indicators. It helps to identify “at risk”: children who are prone to bad habits, have suicidal tendencies, or unprovoked aggression.

Diet for honors. How to feed schoolboy

Uses in health care and parents, because they, by their personal example should inspire children to show that a healthy lifestyle is right and good. Teachers along with moms and dads participate in various promotions, flash mobs, sporting events.

The project could not have become so successful if not for the teachers. More than 800 specialists of the education system improved their qualification at the Centre for health protection. Teachers are special seminars and conferences, including the national level.

By the way

From 1 September in the Rostov region launched a new pilot project “School medicine”. This time at the Federal level. It is designed for 2016-2018.

The program will involve children’s city hospital № 1 of Rostov-on-don, gymnasium No. 19 school No. 44 and developers of hardware and software systems ARMIS.

Under the new project in the state children’s polyclinic should appear as a doctor on hygiene of children and adolescents and paramedic pre-school pediatric Department. In the future, the paramedic must be replaced by the bachelor. Employees of the center of health for children will attract to work on hardware-software package available to schools participating in the project. The results of research in school health offices will give medical professionals health centre for use in carrying out preventive examinations of children. All this will allow to create a complete system for preventive health students.

In addition to the Rostov region the project involves four more regions.

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